Thursday 28 January 2010

Wayne Rooney - The Next European Footballer of the Year? Utd v City Part 3.

What a night what a night!!!!

The United footballing machine has kicked into gear..its January, the month the season really begins.

Much will be said after a pulsating third installment of the Derby of Manchester (and there's still one more to come!) United took the tie by the scruff of the neck in the second half, and played their best football of the season to snuff out the blue tyranny from across the City.

The performance level was just the tonic us United fans have been craving for months, since our abysmal dismissal at the hands of Barca in Rome. It's not really been the same since that apocalyptic performance against the Spaniards, but you felt that last night that the team and the crowd were one again. A force of nature. Hell bent on dragging themselves kicking and screaming over that imaginary line in the sand. There is no doubt now that the Manchester derby is up there in world football terms as the marquee game with the most hatred and passion. Its our Super Classico now. Move over Boca Vs River. The Merseyside and Glasgow derby's seem like Sunday strolls now. London derbies are not even starters. The world rightfully centred itself in the North West of England last night.

Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez once again stole the headlines, as the script dictated. Craig Bellamy tormented as that coin and bottle didn't end up in that motorway sized gob of his i do not know. He is like a yapping dog that needs a visit to the vets to be put out of its misery..but he is also a fine footballer..maybe the best hunchbacked footballer ever to play the game. Nani also decided to join the show. It wouldn't surprise me if Sir Alex has made some sort of Nani flesh-super-suit that hes found a good footballer to wear and impersonate the Portuguese lad. He looked supercharged last night..looked like a player who actually gave a damn. It was great to see.

The midfield was also greatly improved. I vented at seeing Wayne on his own again, with effectively a five across the middle. But credit to the worked. If Carrick and Scholes can maintain that sort of form going forward then we need not worry about much in that position. And with Darren Fletcher showing adrenalin levels which are positively un-human, we have the drive and engine the side needs.

There's every chance that Roo is in line to become European Footballer of the Year. As Messi and Ronnie have their own little personal dual in La Liga, it could be a case that Wazza sneaks up on the rails and pips them by a nose. He is in the form of his life, and probably the most feared footballer plying his trade in the Premier League now. He has always had that potential, but his performance levels are off the chart. The best bit for me was not his goal or his was the check back inside and his 40 yard cross field drilled/floated/magic pass that he played during the phase of play for the first was pure genius.

Its a shame this morning that the radio and press are talking about United fans as 'thugs' because of the Bellamy incident. Anyone worth their salt knows that there is rarely any trouble at our ground. Our stewards do a great job, and today on Talksport they are destroying their good rep. Now they're calling for micro-fine netting to be put up. Whatever. It is not a huge issue at our club or in English football as a whole. You can never condone any sort of football violence, but this is a massive storm in a giant tea cup...maybe 3 or 4 people in a crowd of over 76000. I don't remember Roma fans being punished for throwing bricks and razorblades at us a couple of years ago..of course we punished them the best way with a seven goal mauling. The people who threw objects will be identified and will get life bans. Simple. It is the right thing to do. But if we get an FA fine for that then its a must that so should City, for the lighter thrown at Evra last week.

So on to a Wembley! I will admit i have no feeling at all for this cup. Villa are welcome to it. But we are there now so we will fight for it. Its what we do. City are getting very close to us now, but i have always felt that competition is a healthy keeps you vital. Puts a spring in your step. It was a magnificent night but the most important game is now to come..and that is the game at the Emirites. Three points there will really be dreamland stuff.

Our blood is Red, but our hearts are Green and Gold.



  1. You were slating him (Rooney) a few weeks ago

  2. Love the comments about Bellamy - hunchback (Lampard is the finest i've seen) and Nani's suit. I seriously hope (like all Utd fans) that Nani has turned a corner.

    Although if he is placed on the left would his form continue?

    Onto Wembley: I want to win this. We're in the final now so lets do it!

    Good stuff Rob

  3. where exactly have i slated him??? yes ive questioned where he plays in the team..please read the articles fully before you open your gob. maybe your definition of being slated is different to mine???

  4. Nani looks born-again must be his flourescent kicks, or perhaps SAF said: "Nani, I have two words for you: Zoran Tosic."

  5. I still am buzzing from the win! Let's hope this continues

    Also glad that Nani has turned a corner, as I think we have all shouted/screamed/sworn at him in recent months.

    I'm loving Roo being in top form!