Saturday 30 January 2010

Idiot Footballer: Why Terry Must Hand Back The Armband

Every now and then this blogzine veers outside the walls of Old Trafford and looks at other football matters. So I'm going to give my two cents on the John Terry matter now before it really kicks off and all the dirt and scum and bile gets dredged from the bottom of the tabloid ocean.

The matter in hand i need not explain..John Terry is an idiot footballer. The kind that thinks he can walk on water. He is a fine centre back and has led his club well over the 'Russian' years. On the pitch he has led by example, putting his body on the line, striving for the ultimate prizes in the game...but he is still an idiot.

JT could probably have any woman in the world if he so wanted...i even remember then hot supermodel Caprice having 'dates' with a certain Tony Adams back in the day...and he was no oil painting but a very rich footballer. I wonder what the allure is? Anyhow, Mr Terry can have his cake and eat virtually every circumstance..except this one.

If the allegations are true about him and a certain best friends England team mates missus, then he really has found that straw that will break the camel's back in half. There has been talk today of Tiger Woods parallels, 'footballers unwritten conduct' being broken, and whether Terry's team mates would take his side or not. But its all alot simpler. Had Terry 'played away' with any other footballers wife then there is not really much of a story or issue here. Since Georgie Best and beyond, English football has been full of playboy and Ashley Cole characters. Its nothing new. But to do that to a mate who may have to play next to you in a World Cup finals..a player that you will have to totally and utterly unacceptable. It is idiocy in the extreme but this is not a case of morality.

If this was an office workplace, a team environment where morale can swing one way or the other wildly, then this would be a no brainer. The senior worker to have the affair would not lose their job, but they would be disciplined for publicly bringing their role into disrepute. I do not think Terry should lose his place in England's World Cup squad, but he can no longer LEAD that squad. He must be disciplined for bringing the armband into disrepute. He has cut the throat of a fellow team mate..a man he recently called his best friend..a man he was responsible for motivating on the pitch..and he expects to keep the armband!? I think not.

The England Captain's position has always been a position of trust and honour. Yep, many dishonourable acts have been perpetrated by the national skipper over the years..both Robson and Beckham have been caught with their pants down. But the HUGE, MASSIVE difference is that they did not affect their position to lead their piers. I'm sure the other playboys of the England squad may not be bothered one iota that JT has been nailing someones WAG, but maybe..just maybe there is a few players in that dressing room who DO care. Who are bothered about how Mr Fullback is feeling. Maybe they will be repulsed by his actions. Maybe they wont want to listen to him barking rhetoric at them on the pitch..and the truth of that is it may harm England's slim chance of glory in South Africa.

If Terry is half the man anyone though he ever was, then he should do the honourable thing and fall on his sword..God knows that 'sword' has got him into trouble this time! Be prepared to be destroyed by every crowd at every ground in the country for the foreseeable future wont be pretty.



  1. Absolute load of bollox. Which England role model takes the arm band?

    Rooney - Caught shagging a prostitute
    Gerrard - got of a GBH case takes to a scouse jury
    Lampard - involved in a group sex session on video
    Johnson - caught stealing a toilet seat
    Beckham - Affair
    A. Cole - Affair
    James - Affair

    Our most experienced players all have dirt on them so which role model do you give it to?

  2. Although not Englishman myself but totally agree. His list of "things you cannot do as a role-model" is getting just too long. Noone with his past should be captain of any nations sports team, no matter how good of a player he is.
    JT as a role-model for kids? God forbid!

  3. ahmm yeah Backham never had a affiar......

  4. I'd give it to the one who stole a toilet seat, lol!

  5. LOLL i'll give it to the one tat got caught on tape while having group sex! LOL

  6. as stated in the article yes many of englands players have "dirt" on them as you said. However none of them have shagged a full backs missus who will be playing with him at a world cup finals. I assume your a Chelsea fan..wake up and smell the coffee. Id give the armband to Gerrard.

  7. Let's get one thing clear - he shagged Waynes ex-missus. They had separated before JT shagged her. Now I don't think what he did was right - nor do I agree with it.
    But do people really give a shit? Of course their will be friends and collegues thar are disgusted with his actions, but they also will know that JT is the "guv'nor" on the field; wether that's club or country. As long as they heir there condemnations between each other before they take to the field - which I'm sure they will, then as far as I'm concerned it's dealt with.

    If we're really gonna take the morale high ground - we should ALL declare our indiscretions and come clean to all of our wrong doings.

    The only victims here are JT's wife and the kids that are involved with both parties.