Saturday 9 January 2010

How long has Sir Alex got left at United? Time to think about the future

Its difficult when you write a football blog that is specifically about one team. You are thankful for the forum to be able to write for the public and also vent your spleen at will. However you have to be cautious when you write something that many will find unpopular and possibly downright treacherous

Having just watched another lackluster performance against the Brummie boys i was very interested to see what the manager had to say in his post match interview. As we know, these interviews rarely touch on the truth of the game and club managers generally use it to attack the opponent and the ref. At 68 years young, Sir Alex is the master at these games. But lets call a spade a spade. United are currently playing the biggest load of trash i have seen them play for many a season. And i would like Sir Alex to be constructive and show some wisdom on the matter. Instead he went about calling our first half performance as "brilliant" and then ripped into Mark Clattenburg for giving two deserved yellow cards to Fletcher, who walked a tightrope all match. Of course this is designed to knock us all off the scent of the stink produced by our team, but lets face it..its all codswallop. Don't pull the wool over the eyes of your own fans, boss! He then snapped at the young interviewer for suggesting that Rooney looked a bit isolated up front on his own...just pathetic really. Smells of Brian Clough in the latter years of his life at Forest.

The performance and the managers comments greatly disappointed me. I expect and want better. When we play bad we should hold our hands up and say so..i don't want us to be Arsenal who go..'oh we play pretty football but we still only drew..but we were pretty don't ya think?" Nope not interested in that bull. I want honesty, solutions and real assessments. And I'm starting to ask questions that i knew one day i would ask, but you honestly hope you never will. I think we are getting very close to a change of management. Readers. You must understand that this is not a bandwagonesque attempt to jump on a bad performance. I am a United fan that genuinely cares...probably way way too much. But if you cant detect my sincerity from my words then i apologize now.

At this time in his life i doubt that Fergie will want to go on a huge rebuilding mission, as it becomes more and more apparent that losing Ronaldo and Tevez has effected the team more than any of us wanted to believe it would. We lack flair. We lack drive. We lack leadership. You will never hear me call for Sir Alex's head...he has done too much for us for that. But every good thing comes to an end. The unpopular Glazer family are in a no win situation. They could NEVER sack Fergie, cos the fans would rather burn down Old Trafford than back them. But at some point there will be a transition of power and we must be ready for it. The last time this happened it was 1986 and i was 10 years old. Its gonna hurt. The sting will not be pleasant for any of us.

My natural mindset is to always think one step advanced of everyone. So i can't help but speculate what Manchester United need not today, but tomorrow. To replace Alex Ferguson is impossible..It took us nearly twenty years to get over Sir Matt Busby. I fear we could 'go south' if we don't get it right. I don't wanna be sat here in 2030 remembering the United golden years and wondering why it all went wrong. Oh, and in 2030 Sir Alex will be 88. I hope his shadow will not loom so largely over the club as Busby's did..this led to relegation in the 1970s..only years after the Babes had won everything on the planet..lightning could strike twice unless we start to forward think. There's only one man i want to take the helm. He is proven. He has won everything. And he has the ego we need.

Jose Mourinho is a bit Marmite to many, but the fact is he breeds success. His players always run through brick walls for him because of unbridled love, and most importantly HE VERY RARELY LOSES. Not losing is a habit that we have cultured at United since 1990. Twenty years of this may fool people that this is the DNA. But it isn't. Its because of the manager. His rules. His ideas. His players. If we get this next move wrong in this game then we could end up in a Checkmate - Think Liverpool hiring Graeme Souness. We must secure the best manager possible, and with Mourinho pontificating about his desire to return to Old Blighty and his love for the Prem, I feel the time is right for EVERYONE. They say a change is as good as a rest, but i don't want a rest from winning trophies. So maybe..just maybe..its a change that we need

Soon when i walk up Sir Matt Busby Way, there will be a new statue in place with that of the Babes Creator supreme and the Holy Trinity of Best Law and Charlton. Sir Alex is immortal already. I don't want to remember him go out in a sea of disappointment. Think how Forest fans felt..Clough's last game resulted in the relegation of the club and yet they had to say goodbye to their greatest hero in disgusting putrid circumstances. Despite promotion the following year they haven't ever really recovered their status. That was back in 1993. Seventeen years in the blink of an eye.

Change can be horrible but sometimes it is necessary. The manager will always define this period of this club, but he will be the first to say that no one individual is bigger than Manchester United. I hope the end is graceful and fitting..its up to all of us to prepare properly so this can actually happen. A real tribute to a great man, whilst giving our club the self preservation it needs.

As the song goes..."Every single one of us..loves Alex Ferguson"



  1. I love SAF but the one main issue I have with him is his sentiment towards players. for example, starting Park in the CL final because he hadn't played the year before. I mean come on

  2. So a United Fan wants Sir Alex out because of a String of Unpopular Results.

    Boo hoo.

    You'd have probably killed yourself if you were an Arsenal fan.

    All good things come to an End. Ask Liverpool.

    Tick tock Tick tock.

    Fergie Time is Almost Up.

    Gunner Forever.

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  4. I completely agree with your article. As much as I love Sir Alex Ferguson, I feel we could do with a fresh change. That could be a reason why Sir Alex has not spent the £80 million from Ronaldo. He may be saving it for him to put their own stamp on the team. At the end of the season it could be the best time to get Jose as it seems like he wants out of Italy. I would not want to see him go to Liverpool, if they decide to get rid of Benitez.

  5. I completely agree with your article. I feel we could do with a change as much as I love Sir Alex Ferguson. At the end of the season could be the best time for him to 'move upstairs'. This would allow the new manager, hopefully Mourinho, to spend the £80 million we got for Ronaldo. I also feel that Mourihno is waiting to come to us and that he is desperate to get out of Italy. If we do not acquire his services soon I fear he could go to Liverpool.

  6. Its really funny seeing United fans have a go at Fergie. They accuse us Liverpool fans of being fickle when we have a go at a manager who has us in 7th position in the league and out of the champs lge and league cup by the turn of the year, and yet with you lot in 2nd and still in the champions league, you do the same. You are the same fans who booed Ryan Giggs during a poor spell that he had a few years back and Ive also seen Fergie criticised before. I hate saying it but lets face it, Fergie is the greatest ever manager this country has seen, yes better than Shankly, yes better than Paisley. He has won everything there is to win over and over again. Yes, youre side doesnt look as good as it normally does, but Fergie has done this before. He is happy to get through a season if he thinks its necessary for the long-term benefit of the club. He knew that players were over-priced last summer and knew that United would have been quoted prices that were well over the odds for any player they went for, following the 80m sale of the greasy cheat. Youre complaining because because current performances arent fantastic but Fergie will know this and in the summer he will spend the 80m and get much better value for money. He is thinking about the long term future of the club, youre thinking of the next game. I cant believe Im writing this much on United and defending the cheating alcoholic (lets face it, even you lot have to laugh at the 6 minutes he paid for at St Andrews tonight!!) but its the stupidity and fickleness of fans like yourself that really annoys me about the game today, and yes Liverpool have the same type of fans. I do think however that you lot are spoilt by your success of the last 2 decades and therefore are much more fickle. At Liverpool, were used to not winning these days. Anyway, give it time and you lot will go on your annual title charge, cheating to win game after game in the 13th minute of injury time. Im just praying it wont be enough and Arsenal or Chelsea see you off. On a final note, come on AC Milan, come on City and thank you Leeds United.

  7. mourinho would not come weve no money

  8. Great post - sadly I agree with what you're saying. There will likely be a lot of people who would critise you for such an opinion but I feel it's justified.
    We have not played good football for a number of seasons. Whats worst, we haven't played "united" football for some time too. We too often sit back now when one goal up, or go into matches packing the midfield, selecting too few creative or attacking players.
    Sure, we have had success. But winning because of an organised defense and one special player created a false impression of us as a team and club, in the level we were at.
    Since then, having sold Ronaldo and Tevez, SAF has persisted in a player who simply doesn't work for us (Berbatov), a player who should never have been bought for such a fee. He's also signed Owen but now decided he can't play with our main striker!
    Clear weaknesses in our team/squad continue to go undressed (center midfield/right back/striker). We also continue to allow Neville and Scholes to embarrass themselves and tarnish their record - these two are awful now and SAF is either guilty of sentiment or simply doesn't see it. I'm not sure whats worst.
    SAF is also guilty of dropping the ball with both Anderson and Nani. Anderson was an attacking, aggressive player, who SAF proceeded to put the shackles on. He's also allowed him to put on too much weight. And Nani, one of the most gifted players at the club, has had his confidence destroyed by his treatment. Questions must also be asked as to what (if any) coaching/advice he's gotten. Because something doesn't add up with his lack of progression.

    I'm also tired of his bizarre selections and substitutions. Last week, one from Park/Obertan was to play versus wigan - one versus leeds. Why on earth would he put the new guy in against our rivals in the cup, in a weakened team?
    Today, we need a goal - why on earth does Owen get ignored in favour of a debutant? Why play Giggs and Valencia in each others position?
    Likewise, what does he see in Gibson? The guy has nothing to his game but from a decent shot.

    Personally, I would like to see the following:
    - Trim the fat. Lets move on players who aren't making the grade.

    - Cleverly - bring him back now, he's earned a chance already.

    - Consider giving chances to Eike, King and Tosik. They all have much talent, are not *that* young and we are hardly blessed with options in their position.

    - Either admit we can't spend - or buy some players! Theres value out there, players who can improve us. Other clubs are proving this.

    - New coach? I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes but just how qualified is "shorts guy"? He hardly seems of the same caliber as Manager of England (McClaran) or manager of Real/Portugal (Quiroz).

    - Act with some dignity. Fletcher deserved two yellows. We were awful all game. Stop blaming others, stop lieing to us fans.

    Sorry for rant ;)

  9. I'm sorry Rob but you are wrong on many accounts. People kept saying exactly the same things about Fergie and the team a few years back but Fergie came good. The performance wasn't great yesterday but Birmingham are in good form. I'm not making excuses because I agree that we are poor at the moment but it is wrong to come to the conclusion that Fergie will not be able to turn it around when history has told us he has done it time and time again.
    I'm not saying there will never be a time when we should ask whether Fergie is still the right man (although I'm tempted to say that Fergie has achieved such great things he should be entitled to be the only one to decide when he steps down). However, in light of Fergie's achievements I think it is way too premature to ask such a question when we are second in the league and still in the Champion's League. Let him at least finish a season without any trophies and start another one poorly before we forget how much he has done for the club and how much he has turned it around in the past.
    Oh and by the way- Fletcher was not deservedly sent off- even the BBC described it as harsh which is saying something.

  10. Maybe one reason he hasn't spent the £80million from Ronaldo is because the Glazers wont allow it, they need the money to get the club out of debt.
    SAF is an amazing manager, and still has life left in him, but when he goes we need Jose Mouriniho.

  11. thanks for the varied comments one and all

    the main question i address is Fergies age and not his ability. The stats are not very frightening at the mo, being second in the table just behind Chelsea..but its more about the general performance and attitude of the players and the connection this has with the manager.

    As i stated i dont want to see a trophyless season and and then a shocking start to next year only to see the press and rival fans destroy Fergie until the inevitable happens

    When he last wanted to retire i called for him to stay..he was young enough to rebuild and thats what he did.

    At 68 it may be just about right to pack it in and enjoy everything he has achieved.

    And Arsenal and Lpool fans..yes i wouldnt accept the lack of trophies and in Liverpools case play some of the dross that Benitez produces. Football is about results and loyalty is earned. If United were relegated i would still go every week, but it doesnt mean i have to agree with everything that happens at the club. If i were a Lpool fan i would be calling for The Spaniards head and if i were an Arsenal fan i would be demanding our players put a shift in everyweek and not just when they feel like it

  12. Not really sure what you're asking for in this article - on the one hand you acknowledge that the Glazers would never sack him, but on the other you appear to be wanting him out before things get worse.

    If you're just asking for people to start thinking about a successor, well I think you'll find that people, both fans and the board, have been doing that for years now.