Tuesday 19 January 2010

MUFC Green & Gold Army! United Against The Glazers

So Ive just had to rip up the article i wrote due to be published today.

It was about what we can realistically do to show our support for Manchester United Football Club against this mess which is brewing and being lived out in the press and on the seated terraces. What could be done without aggravating stewards at Old Trafford and more importantly, without resorting to violence and vandalism.

The original piece was quite open-ended, as my writings tend to be..more suggestion based than a demand. I spoke of having a visual effect at games to get the point across. If you regularly read this blog, you will know that i am a bit of a moderate when it comes to the subject of Glazer's ownership, but now there is talk of ground sales and whatnot, and my fellow fans are genuinely upset, I'm starting to get itchy feet. I feel I'm more dedicated to my fellow supporters that walk up the Warwick Road to The Theatre with me every other week than i am to a boardroom of suits.

I suggested in the original article that we use both social networks and an anti-glazer t-shirt to highlight our issue..a peaceful, yet visual, noisy and CONSISTENT protest. One which will grow week by week. One which the media will jump on...for its also about manipulating the press..God knows they try and manipulate us all the time.

So this morning i get an email from MUST (The Manchester United Supporters Trust)

I will admit i am not their biggest fan. I totally get the sentiment, but i suppose i don't know enough about them (as people) to really give them my full backing. The email contained the first thing that has fired my imagination regarding all of this. It explained an idea by the lads at Red Issue. The idea was about a visual impact that we could have at games. They suggest that we revert back to the clubs original colours of Green and Gold, as in the Newton Heath days. This would stand out against the Red and White of Old Trafford, and allow us to be individually identified as those against our club being dragged through the mud..

..and that is the reason that im gonna go for this idea.

The Glazers are making us a bit of a PR disaster. As Ive quoted previously, i don't know who should own the club. I'm not convinced that an Arab or Chinese consortium could do a better job. But i object to the feeling that their ownership is having on the bread and butter supporters of my club. Opinion is split on what we can do to Unite against them, but i think this is a bloody great start.

Therefore, i will no longer wear my Red jersey to games anymore. I will now adopt the Green and Gold until this mess is sorted out. Personally, i don't have the solution as to to how and when this will all end, but we need to show vocally and visually that WE are Manchester United...and that we will not tolerate being the laughing stock of English football..cos that is what its beginning to feel like. "Do i not like that" as one turnip headed Englishman once said.

I hope many of you, both locally and globally pick up on this idea. And that you tell your friends..both United loving and hating. The idea will only grow by people talking about it and pinning their colours to their chest. Its a simple idea and easily executable, so theres no excuse not to do it. SCARFS are available for sale here for anyone who wishes to support this idea (click on the word scarf). Im sure we will also start to see them for sale at match days very soon.

As we seem to do, we look back through history for inspiration for the future. The football landscape has changed forever and i am accepting of that. But i cannot accept to stand by and watch my team sink because of in-fighting. I refused to support FC United because i support Manchester United FC. So i will wear my green and gold with pride. I still have my green and gold away kit from the 90s that i will dust off and rejuvenate for its new run out at Old Trafford.

Its time to get active. And if a moderate like me feels like that, there must be trouble on the way. So don't go out tonight, unless you're green and gold.


Glazers Out Facebook Group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=237878324590&v=info



  1. Also Newton Heath L&YR F.C's (MUFC's precursor) colors were in fact green and gold, Glory Glory Newton Heath!

  2. ha! yes i know very full well that Newton Heath was green and gold..all real Utd fans know this

  3. Ordered my Scarfs! So don't go out tonight, unless you're green and gold.

  4. That'll show the Glazers!

    I'm sure they'll be out by the end of the month