Friday 19 February 2010

When I met The Observer to discuss MUFC and English Football

This last week i was asked by The Observer newspaper to give my opinion on several subjects regarding the beautiful game. We talked about Manchester United, the state of English finances in football clubs, the Glazer's ownership, and the Green & Gold campaign. Anyhow, it was all filmed, and currently resides on The Guardian's Football page...CLICK HERE

Here is the videos for all the VFT3 readers. The first is the main topic video with myself and other pundits. The second is an edit that they sent to me, with just yours truly rabbiting on.

T'was all rather fun!

Have a watch and leave a comment

The team picked to put together this piece for The Observer were the guys from 'The Rebel Alliance'..all top blokes! Have a look at their website..they are 'fan culture' nuts! of course they fit in well with us footie fans.

Click HERE for The Rebel Alliance Website


1 comment:

  1. How were you picked? As for the comments, as usual long on complaints, short on practical solutions. Opining we should be more like Germany is all well and good, but how will this practically be achieved.