Monday 15 February 2010

Scudamore Plays With The Future Of English Football With Play Off Idea

So today it is leaking that a proposal has been put from the money men of the Premier League to all its clubs about reformatting its structure for the qualifying of the last Champions League spot. That reform would be centred around a play off tournament to be played at the end of the season between 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th, structured similarly to the Championships play offs for the third promotion place.

This would be an amazing opportunity for every team from Spurs to Bolton Wanderers, opening up the opportunity for maybe an extra dozen teams to some how find a back door into the world's premier club competition. It has allegedly received support as it would 'spice up' the end of the season, very much the way that it does in the lower leagues. But lets be honest..its a vile way of creating more money spinning games..playing more teams..getting another big marquee game at Wembley and an exercise in making more money by Richard Scudamore..much like his '39th' international league match idea. Its abhorrent in my book.

It would bring disgrace on our country's league. A total bastardisation of the spirit of competition and fair play. As a supporter of a Big 4 club it may sound obvious that i would think these things..but do we really want a team who sneaks into seventh to then fluke their way into the Champions League and then be one of teams that represents our nation on the biggest stage? Ive got nothing against a team like Fulham..but i think they should have to earn their right into the tournament and not get a one off situation to beat a better team (and i mean that as a 'better' team that gets more points than them..not an elitist comment!) Yes if they get enough points to come fourth, id applaud them and be happy for them to play in the monster tournament next season, but to come seventh and do it is just wrong.

The thing that stinks is today we sit here with a team like Portsmouth, on the brink of financial disaster, and what we are saying to a number of clubs who may not be that much better off than them that if they play more games, spend more cash and make an extra push for a few more points that they can play in the biggest tournament...dangling the carrot of success in front of teams that just don't deserve it and making them spend further money to try and achieve it. It destroys any idea of natural order in a league format (which rewards those that do the business over thirty eight matches) is only based on Scudamore's greedy ideals, trying to create events in his business to generate more cash for HIS coffers at the risk of the existence of some of our countries oldest football clubs. Rather than address the very real problem of too many games. About clubs' mental financing. About debt and about the stupid 'fit and proper persons tests'..all things that desperately need addressing..we have a situation where the Premier League are trying to play commercial roulette again. And the gamble? Creating several more Portsmouths.

All this will lead to is the creation of a European Super League. And i for one would call for it immediately if this mad idea of play offs goes through. For me its about the competition..the sporting challenge. Yes a Euro Super League would be a huge money spinner for its participants but the idea of watching United play the elite in the world EVERY week would be an appetizer id jump for! For us to dilute the Premier League as this plan would do would totally devalue it as a competition, so whats the point of taking part in it? In fact, this idea that it would be more exciting...its total trash..the season would be over NOW in February! those in the 1st to 7th positions consolidated their positions rather than battle it out til the end. Why should Spurs, or Villa, or City improve? They can just meander into their comfy top 7 placing and then go for it in a cup final. Rubbish.

Lets hope that Scudamore's clap trap ideas don't prematurely destroy the heart of English football. He has the greatest domestic league product on the planet in his incapable hands, and he is getting very close to dropping the ball. He will lose his biggest clubs to a new challenge and he can then be happy crowning Tottenham or City as his champions every year. It will create a huge gulf that will never be bridged. And if he gets his way, it will be the death of the greatest league in the world..

The mourning and grief will all be down to the blood on one man's hands.


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  1. At first I must admit I thought it was a good idea but after some thought I came to the conclusion that its completely daft.
    Its ot going to make the leaguefairer or stronger, in fact the opposite. We could end up with a big three or even a big two like Spain. In order for a team to really benefit from the the CL money it has to qualify regularly for a few years. Also eventually the PL could lose its fourth place position to another country. What do we do, have a play off for third? I actually think its much better to substantially increase the profile and prize money of the Europa League and split equally the Premiership TV money.

    Steve S