Tuesday 9 February 2010

Green & Gold Heart Pumped By Red Blood?

It has been fairly joyous at Old Trafford in recent weeks. The team have reawakened in perfect timing to the fans finding their collective voice of disdain against the owners. The heat has definitely been turned up at the stadium of theatrical dreaming. Its a welcome change to the mediocre we have witnessed both on the pitch and coming from the Stretford End in the past months.

The day the idea was pitched about the Green and Gold this blog immediately put its weight behind it. Some people were surprised by this as they know my feelings on the ownership of the club. Others thought i was just being bandwagonesque to get a few more readers. Well....no. The reason i backed the idea was that i felt it was the right time to be free of the Glazers. That the Americans were making a mockery of the name they technically own. I felt that it was the correct time for me to take sides..so who to back? The owners or the fans? There was only ever gonna be one choice there.

The Green and Gold 'campaign' (for want of a better word) epitomises what the man on the street can do to show resistance. They are born of the clubs original colours..don't be fooled into thinking history began at the advent of the renaming to Manchester United Football Club (..a name we are no longer called..look at the badge) It surprises me that some fans have now taken this opportunity to voice their strange opinions on the subject...that we are Red and that that colour alone represents us as a fanbase. It makes me feel weird that there are some alleged card carrying United fans out there wanting to splinter away from a cause that only exists to benefit the club, not bleed it dry.

I think there are a few missing the point about our actions..even for it to be suggested that its all 'a bit Scouse' (How dare they!!!) I was perfectly prepared to give the Glazers time to run the club how they seemed fit..I never bought the notion that an Englishman or a United fan would automatically run the club better than them. Xenophobia is a pathetic entity. Now years down the line their tenure is starting to show fault-lines in the surface of Manchester United's good name...so its time for the fanbase to react. Also as i previous said, I'm not prepared to brick windows or run amock like idiots to prove a point. But i was prepared to sing and shout and scream and fly the flag..and that's where the Green and Gold fitted in perfectly.

Like it or not, the colours are having an impact, just as i knew they would. However, i will criticize MUST for missing a trick..i went to their hotel stomping ground before the Pompey game to acquire scarves only to find that they had sold out from an overbearing security guard who was causing more stress than restraint. So like everyone else i had to go to Jack the Lad to pay me fiver. This is not the merchandisers fault. They are business men. I do blame MUST though. They had minimal presence on the street besides some handing out information cards. The time was right to campaign and they missed a trick. However, the idea still thrived..it was just that MUST coffers could have been what benefited..but didn't. Shame. I'm sure a certain Red Knight, or whoever they claim to be could have stumped up for 100,000 scarves. Whatever.

The point though is that it is a great idea, and now everyone knows that we stand there together, at OUR stadium, as a collective. But we are missing one thing..and that's a decent protest song. Ive got no inclining to sing about Malcolm Glazer dying because its hollow. He could be dying as i write this and it wouldn't make a jack bit of difference about who owned the club. It would still be in the same hands. The old ones of 'we want glazer out' are all very nice but not very poetic..rather bland to the common ear. There must be a link there from our past (as the green and gold is) that we could re-ignite in vocal defiance. The Scousers have their Walking Alone somewhere song. City have Blue Moon. Even West Ham sing about blowing Michael Jackson's pet chimp. What do we have? Well yes we have a good variance of United ditties, but the time is right for us to produce a new anthem. We want a fresh start for our club. Its time that we had our own territorial hymn. The challenge is out their for someone to have the bright spark for it.

So the protest will continue. It wont be long until pretty much everyone inside Old Trafford will be in green and gold. I for one will continue wearing my NHFC colours. We will always be red, but it is also the colour of the Glazers brand. And i don't support a brand..i support a football club. One day i will wear my red colours again..but not until we find resolution for those that truly love Manchester United. Identify which side of the fence YOU sit on.

Love United..Couldn't Give a Damn About The Glazers.



  1. With All due respect, i suggest that you involve yourself in MUST instead of critizing fans who actually does something voluntary

    Danish fan

  2. Good article.

    What are your thoughts about the possibilty of the Glazers stopping anyone entering OT wearing Green n Gold ? A few rumours flying around.

  3. which bit criticized the fans helping MUST? i do believe i criticized the lack of scarves available from them! Please read the article thoroughly

  4. ..therell be anarchy if they do. we will just stand outside the turnstiles then and sing sing SING! it would cause way too much bad press for home games..they may get away with it away

  5. they are not letting any Green an Gold go to AC Milan part of Italian law they reckon, if you are caught with other colours you either wont be let in or ejected from the San Sero or whatever its called, got to be honest i woudlnt want to be kicked out of that place knowing loads of Milan fans waiting outside.

  6. They wouldn't stop people coming in green and gold. I believe this rumour has started as Milan have stated that only team colours will be allowed in THEIR stadium. The announcement was placed on the official Utd website and people think its our club that are banning the colours.

  7. They're selling green and gold merchindise in the Megastore now. Next season we've got a new sponsor so we're going to need new kits. They can easily make one of them green and gold.

    Most the people who usually wear the club's colours are either kids or day trippers and they'll jump on any bandwagon. People are wearing these scarves and buying a load of beers and pies at half time at massively inflated prices. Which proves that they don't really care!

    The whole campaign to me is embarrassing and makes us look a right bunch of fools.

    Whatever happened to keeping the "red flag flying high"?

    Annoyed, Red Army

  8. Totally agree Annoyed

    I saw all the green n gold buying up the pies etc at half time, real militant lot uh.

    These i call sit on the fence merchants, buy a scarf reckon they show support to something then bugger off and buy off the opposition as well.

    I have more respect for the lads at City's ground letting off the flare, at least they had balls and stood up proud.

  9. Watch the spot price of light sweet crude...as the global economy continues to recover from deep recession, global demand for oil will increase: I think Sheikh Hamad (The Emir of Qatar) is waiting for spot oil to pass $85/bbl before he approaches the Glazers.