Thursday 26 November 2009

Not so turkish delight..

I quite like it when Fergie gets the chance to play the kids in alleged competitive matches. But there's always a part of me that defaults to believing that we will lose said match...United can never do it when there is not a lot riding on a game

So the game against Besiktas reverted to my minds type. Despite the loss to the Turkish side i think Sir Alex learned a few things about the players on the fringe..some good some bad.

As far as im concerned i am not the biggest Kiko Macheda fan on the planet. Despite scoring the goal that i described as Old Trafford's most exciting last season, the boy is far from the finished article. I have a big issue with his movement. Either he lacks the mobility of a top striker or he is just plain lazy. In my eyes he does not seem to put in the same work that Welbeck does and this is worrying. I expect mistakes from the young players but i really want to see that burning desire..

Darron Gibson is a good example of this. Plenty of application, but his lack of first team experience is gonna effect his judgement. I do not mind this (as long as that decision making is not too bad!) Its all about learning

It was nice to see Ji Sung Parky Park back in a United shirt last night. He is another one of those cogs in the machine. Not the greatest player on the planet and never will be. However, he gives us plenty of options and that is what its all about.

Anderson is starting to worry me a little. I have no doubt he is an exceptional talent, but he is finding it hard to consistently produce. Last night was a great chance for him to boss a game being watched my millions around the globe. Like Carrick, he seems to be struggling for a run in form. A player of his quality should be making mincemeat out of that Besiktas midfield. But alas, he continues just to plod along..neither being poor or great. If Fergie does get his hands on a creative midfielder sometime soon it will serious effect his chances in the first team.

One player i do love is fact i love Fabio as well! To be so young and yet be so fearless is a great attribute to have in the English game. As i said, i expect young players to make mistakes. It was clear last night that the young full back should have closed down the shot that led to the only goal, but his overall play for me is excellent. They are both two amazing finds and will represent the club for years to come if they can continue this rate of progression. In fact, they will probably save the club £40m in future transfer fees when the day comes to replace a Neville or Evra.

Despite the loss there was one real star of the show last night. The first impressions that Gabby Obertan have left on us are very promising. I will admit to having very little expectations of a player unable to break into Bordeaux's first team last term. However, he has been a pleasant surprise and an antidote on the wing for the hapless Nani. His silky approach reminds of a young Zidane (though that is a BIG comparison!!) Effortless, yet very quick. Could he be United's version of Thierry Henry? I think good things are to come from him. There's a buzz everytime he gets the ball, and he and Evra already have a great understanding.

Last night showed me that we probably need to get our hands on an extra central striker come January, and should let Welbeck and Kiko out on loan to get game minutes under their belts. The two are nowhere near good enough for regular Premier League starts at the has not gone a miss to the Old Trafford Faithful that neither seem to even make the bench week in, week out.

So yes, we know we have some potential stars in the Reserve team. Whether any will make it in the first team is still to be decided.



  1. From our seats in WL101 (lower tier, Stretford End, 3 rows back from pitch, directly behind the corner flag) I'd agree with all that.

    Aside from his goal attempt in second half stoppage time, he was largely poor. Distribution poor. Goal attempts embarassingly poor.

    Ando has worried me for a while. Never lived up to his billing. Maybe he's nor up to a big club? His goal tally for an attacking midfielder agrees with me.

    Carrick's form has dipped this season even with his recent goal. Think the return of Hargreaves might help, that's assuming he ever plays again!

    Fab and Rafa look good albeit both tend to go into tackles with a lot if enthusiasm. Luckily not all have made contact yet but I can see red cards ahead unless their exuberance is tempered.

    Foster is not a United keeper end of. He lacks authority in his area, has been found wanting on numerous occasions and despite having a good few starts this season has failed to demonstrate Fergie's billing of him. I think VDS would have saved the goal last night.

    Vida seems to be not quite 100% match fit yet and hasn't looked the "murderer" he was previously ever since Torres turned him over.

    Gibbo failed to impress given his excellent commendation from Fergie pre-match.

    Welbeck does nothing for me. Seems too lanky to hold off challenges and easily muscled off the ball.

    My only positive last night was Obertan who is looking very confident, full if ability, skill etc. Some of his touches last night bore the hallmarks of a certain now departed Portuguese!

  2. Kiko and Danny both fustrated the fcuk out me last night.

    When they got the ball their body language was too cocky! (If that makes sense!). They're not as good as they think they are. Numerous times Kiko could of wipped the ball in the box but didn't. He decided to stroll up to his man and float it in. Gggrrr

    Gabby looked good though. Park, hmm. I've always been a 'hmm' type of person towards Park. That said, good to have him back.

    Still don't know what to make of Ben. At first I wanted to blame him for the goal but when you look back... could he of got it (there is some doubt he could of).

    I'd like to see the odd reserve player against Spurs but not as many as last night. They wont cut it against a team buzzing from their 9-1 win.

  3. So Ben was beaten again (with another dubious goal)! He seems like he's nervous, and is definately unauthoritive in his defensive third, I dont think he is going to cut it as a United No. 1, considering the likes of VDS and Peter (not including Howard - although his hands grabbed a Charity Shield against Arsenal) - the two are and were authoritive and communicated with their defense.

    Rafa, I'm pleased with this boys wits and character, an true emulation of Neville. He offers us speed and stamina for our attacks on the right, and treads back quickly. Good kid.

    Gibson still has to discover and identify himself on the pitch, although he does commit himself to tackles and attempt some silky passes, the lad has to make the manager know why he is there! His setpieces were too average. Maybe my expectations are too high for the lad?

    Obertan has proven in quite a few occasions that he can do the basics in a competitive game for a good 60 minutes. Christmas is around the corner, and it only comes once a year, and that is when the league will be asking more than just the basics! One message for Gabriel: "Show us that you own that wing"!

    As for Anderson, aggh! I lost my patience with this lad ages ago, he cannot "ever" find the net with his shooting accuracy and technique! I'm sorry guys, but we have not found a creative central mid-fielder since Juan Veron. The hype behind this kid is titanic (no pun intended)

    Park, simply parked smartly in the mid-field afer a long absence. Welcome back.

    Danny shows a lot of promise but I'd like to see more upper body movement, not just silkly touches. And take your chances!

    Macheda showed that he is also a clever player with a few good decisions at the right times, if he can develop on this facet of the game, then he is going to be a star.

    Brown was my stand out player, he was commanding, focused and fought well when he needed too. More of this and Rio might be seeing more of his magazine than football.