Monday 2 November 2009

Happy With Mediocrity? United to fall at Stamford Bridge

Manchester United have been nothing but mediocre of recent. Therefore, we will be beaten at Stamford Bridge next Sunday..mark my words.

Now some United fans may find those words hard to stomach, especially as they come from a person that gets to twenty five games a season. But i like to call things honestly. Its not being a pessimist, in this case (which i am at times) Its just a reality check.

United have been average at best this season. I think some of our creative play has been as attractive as ever, but our final ball this term has been shocking. Delivery from the wide areas is almost non-existent. Valencia has shown glimpses and I'm willing to reserve judgement on him this year. Nani, as we know, is a bag of fcuked up crap. I cant wait to see the back of him. I was so excited when he joined..i could see the talent he had. But the boy has mental problems. His brain and his feet simply do not have any relationship at all. He is the football version of our banking system.

Rooney and Berba must be incredibly disillusioned by the service this year. For me, the Bulgarian has come on alot since August. His workrate has improved. He is even celebrating goals (sort of!)Rooney has not excelled yet, but you always have faith in the Scouse boy. I also think there is great things to come from Michael Owen. He looks sharp. His movement is impressive. But the supply line from the midfield has been woeful. In fact, the protection of the defence from midfield has been crass too! I think we can see where the problems lie at the moment

Michael Carrick and Anderson seem to have one good game, where things click and they boss opponents, and then one game where they cannot find a decent pass between the two of them. Both end up looking knackered after about the hour mark, and this leaves the defence vulnerable to counters and the attack isolated. The only player in the central position that seems worth his Red Devils status is Darren Fletcher (God! I never thought id be saying that just a few short years ago!)

Now we all know we cant wait til Owen Hargreaves gets his boots back on, but i feel that we should not be relying on him. We know he is a colossal player, but the boy has been out for so long that it would be unfair to pin all of our hopes on his dodgy knees.

So what to do? Well, its clear to me that the manager MUST spend in January. Maybe not excessively as the popular press would love him to do, but on players that give us an extra option or two. Luis Alberto Suarez has been mentioned recently. The captain of Ajax is only 22 and has scored 95 times in 167 games for club and country. However, he would cost around the £30m mark. But he is equal parts lethal hitman and intelligent provider. This video shows all that:

Whatever happens in January, i feel that transfer ban or not, Chelsea are streets ahead of us this season. I feared that Drogba was up for a big one this year and i was right. The striking monster has looked unstoppable at times. When he plays well, Chelsea win. I also think that despite their 'aging' midfield, they are imperious at the moment in these positions. Lampard, Ballack, Essien, Deco, Joe Cole...its pretty scary just saying that all out loud! Their defence, like ours, is the same old same old. However their defence seems solid at the moment despite their two recent defeats, whereas ours seems to have paper thin confidence issues, as Vidic continues to have the recurring Torres nightmares, and Rio wants to win an Oscar for Best Director or something. Worrying.

So yes, i think we will fluff our lines at Stamford Bridge. In all honesty we are not in a position to beat them this coming Sunday.....but funnier things have happened



  1. I like you cannot see us beating Chelsea at the weekend, they seem unstoppable at the moment.

    I hope United do some business in January but he seems interested in getting a new keeper which I admit is needed but we need some creative flair players, any money that we could get for Nani would be welcomed!

    It's depressing to be going into a game knowing United don't stand much chance of winning, but as you say "funnier things have happened".

    Some key injuries from Chelsea would be nice this week...I need a voodoo doll x 11 :-)

  2. Re Nani "His brain and his feet simply do not have any relationship at all. He is the football version of our banking system" ha ha.

    I don't want to agree with this post but it's hard not too. The good thing though is we're still up there.

    I'd take a point now for Sunday. Here's hoping we turn it on.