Wednesday 30 September 2009

Tevez shows his true colours...

Carlos Tevez is a no good, two cent, hooker.

The reason why i sit and write these words today is in response to his comments made after the West Ham game. You know..that game where he was so polite as to score two goals in front of their fans only to put his hand up, say sorry and proceed to embrace the East London boys in a proverbial fluffy cuddle. Ah bless them all. That's how football should be....

Actually, it is all smoke and mirrors

Mr T has come out in these comments, and taken the opportunity to have his final swipe at Manchester United. He has turned the whole situation about the transfer of his flesh and bones to Man City on its horrible head.

The hoar said:

"I've decided not to celebrate my goals out of respect to West Ham. They were my first club in England and, in my heart, part of me will always be a Hammer,The professional part of me was really pleased with my first City goals at home but, personally, I would have preferred to beat another club. In the derby against United I had also decided not to celebrate our goals but, after the bad treatment I received from the supporters that day, I have changed my stance on that. If I score in the next derby then I am sure that I will celebrate."

Well thank you very much Carlitos. Your lack of understanding about the situation shines for all to see. Of course, the United haters will love this (and lets face it your new fan club fit this profile) You are a populist. You will say whatever it takes to please those paying your wages. You are the worst kind of prostitute. The one that smiles with glee as you take your money for your acts of filth.

Im soooooo glad he has finally come out with this. I was waiting for it so much. Neutrals have pointed the finger at us (United fans) for treating him bad, but respect is a two way street. If West Ham and their simpleton stance on "honour" and all of that stuff, want to clap Tevez for taking points of them (that may end up relegating them?) then that is their choice. Im sure they are all writing letters of gratitude as we speak.

So for the last time Tev, goodbye. You have bastardised every run you ever made for United. Every goal you ever scored. All that passion you wore on your sleeve was just a paid act. You make us feel dirty

Im so glad i boo-ed the f$ck out of you last week. Slag.

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