Wednesday 16 September 2009

A Tale of Two Wingers - United in Turkey

Well the Champions League is back, and it felt rather good! The tension is so different to a Prem is almost like a different sport!

Anyhow, every game seems to be throwing up interesting debatable issues with concerns with the team. The manager is definitely leaning toward a formation which compliments our game with out and out wingers, something we copyrighted in the 90s. And it seems that his initial faith is in Valencia and Nani to fill these rolls

Last night explained many things about these two players, and most of these facts are already on the table

Valencia showed great promise. He got to the bye-line on numerous occasions. His pace and strength are fantastic attributes, but his crossing leaves alot to be desired. You can see that he has genuine intent..not a show pony in any sense

And talking of show ponies lets talk about the left side

We are only but a handful of games into the season and i want to shoot Nani! The boy has an obvious gift. Pace to burn and a blistering shot. However, he has an addiction to running down dark alleyways he cant get out of. His decision making isn't as so much poor, but non existent. When he doesn't know when to pass or shoot, he merely tries a step-over and then loses possession. I bet Sir Alex does his nut everytime.

I know its probably unfair on the boy a bit..for i am impatient. But i know the game (as we all do!!) If he does not magically sort his brain out, which results in him becoming a totally different player, i think his goose is cooked in a United shirt. I so want him to do well, but he totally does my head in every match. He gives me KieranRichardsonitise. Painful.

At least with Valencia i can see the simple things he needs to improve on, which with time he will. They are not fundamental changes in his football like Nani. I can see Nani going off to a Villareal, like Forlan or Rossi, and doing really well...a place where the pressure is off and his flair will drive everything. He can lose the ball as much as he likes, as long as he gives their fans something to sing about once in a while. They will love his backflips. But in our team, every mistake is under a microscope. It wont be written about but his woefully bad decision not to pass to Evra on a counter attack in the last minute of the match nearly cost us dearly, as Besiktas exploited our left back position and whipped in a ball that no one converted in-spite of out foxing Vidic. I wanted to punch the plasma at that point.

Im not starting a witch hunt on this. I want the kid to do well. But i don't want us to suffer because of it. I do not see Nani driving us to any silverware anytime soon. He is our Ryan Babel. If Fergie does not fancy Zoran Tosic either, i hope the chequebook comes out in January for Alexi Sanchez. He is the answer for the left hand side for me..



  1. Your criticism of Nani is a little bit over the top, but I have to admit that I agree with most of it. Valencia on the other hand looks great.
    If we are to spend money on a new left winger my choice would be David Silva.

  2. I like you am quite an impatient Manchester United fan and I do often shout at Nani to shoot or pass the ball! He seems too intent on scoring "The world's greatest goal" and I think this seems to be hampering his decision making.

    He has scored goals so we know he is capable but his decision making is definitely cause for concern, not only for the team but I am growing tired of shouting at the TV/him for losing the ball/opportunity!

    Sanchez looks good!

  3. I thought Nani done OK last night. I'm suprised how strong he is for his frame - he had a good few players round him last night but still managed to keep hold of the ball.

    However, he tried cutting in to many times last night. Just cross the friggin' ball, boy!

    Like you said though Rob, he decision making in the last third is very, very fustrating.

  4. Well yes hakan i tooo would like Silva but i think he is gonna cost the earth! plus he isnt really an out and out winger...he likes to play narrow, like ronaldo did/does. with you sister! im sick of screaming at him from my place in the stands. He can do it, but rarely does. Annoying!!

    Sanchez is the answer and is available at around £20m