Thursday 17 September 2009

Oh Manchester, So Much To Answer For - United V City

The lyric that Morrissey once sang has so many connotations when framing the picture of a city, ravaged at times by poverty and crime, but also glory and prosperity. After stealing the crown of "Second City"[to London]from the head of Birmingham, Manc Town now has two of the richest clubs in world football.

Growing up, Manchester City were always the poorer relation, and they used to revel in the fact. "Were from the city, you're not" "You eat prawn sandwiches, we eat kebabs (or McDonalds - take yer pick)." "We represent Moss Side and the real Manchester" The blue rhetoric was endless. So the bridge of irony that Arab funded City now pass over is not lost on me in the slightest.

The bags of cash now well and truly stashed at Eastlands has given this derby game a new twist. The luring of Tev (though he wont be there) The snatching of Robinho (Oh he wont be there either) And the swoop for the knee slider Adebayor (that's right..wont be there either I'm afraid) All great acquisitions for a club intent on making a statement. Their destruction of the Arsenal's Ladies team was very impressive, even if the scoreline slightly flattered them. All the same, a win against a big four-ish team is a win.

I cant wait for this game. Old Trafford will be rocking for this. I will be hoarse after the first ten minutes of singing and chest beating. The fact that City can now stand on some sort of parity with us is a disadvantage to them. As the true underdog, they never had anything to lose. This has shown in results that have gone their way in recent memory. In fact, nearly seven years ago, after the birth of my daughter, me and my City loving family had a bet as her first match in this world (6 days after her birth) was Utd v City..the bet was whoever won, she would have to support (no choice in these things you see) Anyhow, the morning of the match i called off all bets. I got the jitters. And lucky for me and her, the Goat got fed (as City used to sing) and they wiped the floor with us and drove us to defeat. She is now as Red as they come, and believes that Eric Cantona was some mythical warrior who strode upon our land to slay all the evil that lay in his path...or something like that..

This is Manchester City's real test. If they win this they really have ARRIVED! My opinion is that they will challenge this season. Their talented ranks dictate this. But for every City fan, there has only been one tie that really matter to them over the years...and it is the derby match. Win, and they will truly believe. Lose, and they may just think that its been all a dream


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  1. Love the picture!

    I think we need to see how City get on over the course of the season to see if they have 'arrived'. We may even have to wait until the end of next season.

    They are looking strong but this will be there real test. God forbid we lose Sunday!