Tuesday 2 March 2010

The Power of 10! - The Prem home stretch for United, Chelsea and Arsenal

I cant believe that there is only ten games of the Premier League season left..it seems so surreal!

After what has been mainly a 'hit or miss' year after watching us lose 6 of our 28 league games, it is mildly shocking that we are more than in the race to be champions for a fourth straight year. The rubbishness of both Chelsea and Arsenal, along with the comedy 20 odd games Liverpool had recently, have blown this title race wide open.

March will be an incredibly important month for the team. Three league games and that all important second leg versus Milan will be the pointers as to which silverware we can realistically hope for. As we stand today, the big two prizes are still within our grasp, but our manic form coupled with some worrying injuries are gonna make sure its a rollercoaster end...so scream if you wanna go faster!

Chelsea's run in is pretty bog standard. Their trip to our Theatre will be their biggest test, but Liverpool in the penultimate game of the season??..surely the scousers wont do us any favours! If it comes down to the final game with Chelsea's noses in front, i cant see Wigan doing anything at Stamford Bridge

Arsenal also have a fairly gentle run in, but must face both Spurs and City in their last five games. It will be in these games that we will see if the Goons really have the stomach for the battle. They recovered well after the horror injury to Ramsey against Stoke, so maybe they've finally located where their cahoonas are now!

I think our run in is way the hardest of the three. Three away games (Blackburn, City and Sunderland) and home games versus Spurs and Stoke. We always struggle at Blackburn..its a local-ish derby. And we know what City are fully capable of. God forbid seeing Carlos The Caveman denying us the title. But it could happen.

I think it could be a case that the team that slips up sooner in the Champions League may well be the one that steals this championship this season. The games and their results are as unpredictable as ever. Terryslagate has defo altered the West Londoners mindset. Arsenal are as erratic as a schizophrenic in a supermarket. And us? Well, we are hardly 2010's oil painting of the year. Rooney's form has carried us, as has Drogba's with Chelsea, and Fabregas with Arsenal.

The most important players at Old Trafford now are the centre backs. If Rio and Vida can find some sort of fitness, or Evans and Brown hit the form of their lives, we may just see this one through. In many ways Europe is our best chance of success now we are in the merry-go-round of the knock outs. But for me it is the title at home that means the most..

And title number 19 would be the sweetest of the lot!!

Glory glory!



  1. michael thomas right at the end2 March 2010 at 16:53

    It's cajones not cahoonas and us gooners have plenty of it. unlike your manager who just has a face like a ballsack. don't even get me started on rooney...

  2. I'm an Arsenal fan, but like how this one's written. Keep it up. This is shaping up to be the most exciting end of the season in many a moon.

  3. Manure and the Chelski chav's will be overtaken by us Gooners, blimey! Thought we were bad at times, you lot don't seem to want the title

  4. you're gay mate

  5. Chelseas run in is no so easy. They have Villa at home followed by Manure away and go to Liverpool on the penultimate w/e. What with all the problems off the pitch I think they could find it hard. There's no way Manure will beat Citeh at the running track. This will be one time they can get there own back and I believe they will. Pin all your hopes that Shrek can stay fit for that one. As for ARSENAL it's one game at a time but Spuds away is not a problem.... Gooners

  6. Man Utd, 10 games to go, but..its got the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea,Man City Spurs and some tough away games, sunderland and blackburn too. sorry but you are also going to be droping points.so i guess that leaves only 1 team in it. the team that every one wrote off at the begining of the season befor a ball was kicked!
    A R S E N A L remember the name?

  7. I dont hope Rooney breaks his leg cause I want Eng to win the World Cup but I'd luv it if say VanDeSaar got his leg snapped in half - then you could come out & slag off Fergie when he rages about it after the game & leap to the defence of the player who did it.

  8. Your managers lovechild with Shrek is the only thing that keep you in the top 6, we´ve been playing like shit this season but I have a feeling Arshavin will win for the Arsenal!

  9. I'm an arsenal fan but seriously the vile language and cocky attitude written in the comments by gooners are really embarrassing us. it makes us sound pathetic. I dont see anything wrong with it this post either.

    Or those hoping that rooney breaks his leg? grow up seriously! anyone of the 3 teams could win the epl. To be honest, the top 3 teams this season have all been rubbish to be honest,not just chelsea and us. so may the best team wins it.

  10. Jeez at this rate the 'bitters' tag will have to switch from Citeh to the Gooners!

  11. rubbishness of chelsea and arsenal? lets not insult manchester united here cos if they are rubbish we are no better. now liverpool on the other hand ;)

  12. If Rooney is out for the season Man U won't win prem or champs but if fabregas or drogba were be sidelined Arsenal and Chelsea would still be able to win things. Rooney is a lot more important to Man U. Prey the Egyptians play nice with him tomoz.

  13. Good Article!

    This is gonna be a very tight finish in the end. Let's be honest the top 3 have been total crap all season long (yes Manchester United too!), but it will be down to who can stay unbeaten for most of the next 10 games.

    It's all endurance now and I honestly think it will be Arsenal who'll come out on top...but no one is ever sure. I know one thing the Prem is gonna go out with a bang!

  14. Fabregas has only won arsenal around 4 points this season and arsenal would be top of the league if you were to take away the points gained by Drogba, Rooney and Fabregas.
    I think Drogba has erned chelsea around 18 points while rooney aroun 14.

    Thus proving Arsenal are the best all round TEAM in the league.

  15. "If Rooney is out for the season Man U won't win prem or champs but if fabregas or drogba were be sidelined Arsenal and Chelsea would still be able to win things"

    Wow, just wow. You're having a laugh mate. Utter bollocks.