Thursday 11 March 2010

The Glazers and Milan stare into our Green & Gold eyes..

It was a fantastic night on so many levels

The demolition of the seven times European Champions is not common place..not in this lifetime. Its easy to say that they are in decline, and in many ways that is accurate. But this Milan side are still one of the better teams in European football..a top 3 Serie A side. They don't give seven goals away over 180 minutes to many teams. I simply cannot add anymore to what has already been reported about the match this morning. Rooney was electric, dodgy knee and all. Park and Fletcher's stock rose even further. Nani frustrated in the main..but delivered the best pass i have seen for many years for Wazza's second, that killed the tie off. And most importantly...Rio and Vidic. Together at Old Trafford as a pair for the first time in five months. They are the rock that any success that may be bled from this crazy season will come from. Keep them fit and we may just kick into an unstoppable gear. Special thanks must go to the hunchbacked Milan goalkeeper, who kept us very jolly with his kicking and eccentricities

It was also nice to see Becks treading the turf he so clearly loves for one more time. Seven years is a long time. We never got to say goodbye to each other. Its all very dramatic in a Casablanca like way..but the boy came home and we held him to our collective bosom. He shedded a tear and wrapped himself in the Green and Gold..and for a second the world was a perfect place. Being honest, before the game i cared little about his a bit ruthless like that. I only cared that he had zero impact on the match. He followed my script perfectly. Word perfect. I stood with everyone and sang 'There's only one David Beckham' as he made his way on as sub in the second half, and that's because with the game effectively dead it was fitting to pay a final tribute to one of our forever loved sons of the Treble season. The fact that he did THAT with that scarf at the end shows where his heart will always be.

The final, and maybe most important part of the night came in the last ten minutes of the match. When 74,000 United fans stood and twirled their G&G scarfs around their heads..and sang in no uncertain terms what we want. Of course, we have done this for many weeks now, but with the fact that the Glazer family were present at the game, seeing this with their very own would take men with the blackest, darkest hearts not to be effected by the sight. Yes, no doubt Father Money will have the biggest say when it comes to the future with what the Glazers wish to do..rumours are abound that they wish to run United into the 'next generation' of their family. What a lovely gift Manchester United will be for the grand children of Malcolm Glazer. But if there is any doubt in their minds..if there is any chance that Avram & Joel Glazer and their sibblings just have a few different business acquisitions on the go..then there is every chance that a big offer will tempt them to go elsewhere. As a family I'm sure that they do not fear any perspective Red Knight..but what they will fear is the fanbase bringing the brand to its knees. This wouldn't happen overnight, but any businessman with any sort of financial savvy would be aware and concerned.

I'm glad they witnessed all of that last night. I'm glad they witnessed the determination and hatred that they have produced in us. And I'm glad they saw us sing "We'll never die, we'll keep the red flag flying high, cos Man United will never die"

Because we believe. In Manchester United. Our club. Not theres. We were here before them and we will be here long after they are a footnote in our history.



  1. Watched last night, heard Beckham booed. Showing the love, eh?

  2. whats this green and gold or yellow crap why isnt any1 saying they are making money off it and have not got any money themselfs to buy this over hyped club and are u lot going to let them play in these colours not then why buy the scarves.

  3. LOL it was an ironic boo..we were all laughing when we did it tut! Do you understand humour?

  4. I wonder what a certain Mr Tevez made of Beckham's reception...