Monday 13 July 2009

Everything Manchester United......

So why do this?

its a valid question.

i believe that with all that goes on in my life, and continues to burn bright and influence me from day to day, that i still manage to think about United at least 300 times a day (or for the mathmatically minded 12.5 times an hour, not accounting for any sleep) I have a formulated and passionate view about everything the club is involved with..whether it be the next game, a new signing, internet gossip or the rain that falls on our heads at the theatre of many dreams, week after week.

So a blog seems to be a good way of channeling all of that. Now maybe no one will read it..but maybe they will. Its all an open forum. So if you do stumble across my musings here, please dont take offense at anything..its just the ramblings of a man that sits in Tier 3 at Old Trafford and how his heart bursts with football

Glory glory Man United

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