Wednesday 15 July 2009

Dear Carlos,

Oh how we loved you so. The way you fought for every ball. The way you connected with the crowd. The heart you had, bigger than the Sun itself. We worshipped you. We sang you songs. We took you to our collective bosom and held you there. Cherished.

But thats all over now.

Do not think for a second that we are fools. The riches you have been offered at Middle Eastlands are immense. It will take you a lifetime to count the sixty-four million pound coins they are going to pay you in the next five years. You and your family will be secure forever.

But dont try and spin us a yarn about any of this. You could have stayed at United, where you would have earned just £25million! You didnt need to mouth off like you have continually for the past few months. You could have just been honest.....and kept our respect.

But thats all over now.

Thanks for all your hard work over the past 24 months, but now you are a Bitter Blue. You can go and die for their shirt now. Because it only makes sense as they will pay you the most. Please do not talk about what great fans we are. It does not wash. We are not interested.

Good luck dear Carlitos, but of course we do not really mean that.

From every United fan that has screamed Ar-gen-tina to you xx


  1. He might have received love from the fans, but evidently not so from Fergie. I just don't think he was ever part of Fergie's long-term plans. Can't work out why, but he can't have been.

    Do you think Fergie has a vision of where he wants Utd to go in the next season or so, and it's built around a Berbatov/ Rooney post-Ronaldo dynamic that just didn't include Tevez?

  2. i think tev was always part of fergies plans. he was offered a huge contract and united met the valuation. it was tev that decided he wanted that big fat stash of cash

  3. And all that bullshit about "out of respect I will not sign for Liverpool". No. You will not sign for Liverpool because unlike Chelsea or City they would not pay you the silly money that you DO NOT deserve.

    Keep up the good work Rob- Maybe next you could do an expose on life behind the third tier curtain, and some of the thugs you may encounter if you should ever venture up that far in the stands :P

  4. All is fine however the pic could have been better with Tevez wearing a Shitty jersey! Does not suit a person being treated like a dog and wearing our jersey! ;) Just a thought!

  5. The pic is more about Tev being a slave to his agents and owners..poor guy eh? ;-)