Friday, 27 August 2010

Tom Cleverley loaned out to Wigan

In a surprise move over the last few days, United starlet Tom Cleverley has been sent out on loan to get some vital experience under his belt.

After comments from both manager and player regarding Tom's position in the squad this season, it was felt that he would remain at the club and fight for a midfield starting position. However, with the blinding form of Paul Scholes, the return to fitness of Anderson, and the presence of Carrick, Fletcher, Giggs and Gibson, it was felt that it would be better for Cleverley to get some short term action out of the United reserve set up.

Personally I'm disappointed to see Cleverley go, but I thoroughly see the reasoning. I just don't think the reserve league is a place to get young talent ready for playing big time Premier League football, and I think the loan system is the best way forward in this area. However, for this move to be a success we have to hope that Wigan actually play the lad. I remember all too well when Newcastle took Giuseppe Rossi from us, only to let him warm their North Sea wind frozen bench, when he could have been on ours.

With the possible transfer of Charles NZogbia away from the club, there should be ample opportunity for Cleverley to get the vital Premier League experience he needs and a good solid run in the starting line up

I wish Tom all the best on his loan move and hope to see him in a United shirt very very soon.

CLICK HERE to view and join Tom Cleverley's official Facebook page. It is updated by Tom himself and his representation

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