Thursday, 12 August 2010

Fergie drops the Bebe on its head!

So none of us saw that coming. Over seven million pound coins on an unknown bloke who has represented his country at the World Cup...that being the homeless version.

The signing of the apparently flair driven, Tevez dribbling, deep lying attacker come winger called Bebe, in technical terms is not surprising. We've all been banging on for months how we need a player that occupies that space between the centre forward and midfield..and now we've got it. However he appears not to be German and also does not respond to the name Mesut.

The possible signing of Ozil has become a thing of Twitter legend, with wild rumours about the young German being spotted at airports, service stations, and Nani's house. But in real terms it was felt that United didn't have the 8-12 million it was needed to prise the player we all focused on the Cleverley and Gibson options...and then United magic most of that possible Werder transfer fee on a complete unknown quantity!

The rumour mill dictates that Bebe was being chased by Madrid (who isn't?) and that Carlos Q was the man who thrust the young dreadlocked boy in our direction... Im always a bit suspicious of these players who materialise below the radar. Zoran Tosic? Not really heard of before he signed. Mame Biram Diouf? Banging in goals in a league no one this side of the North Sea watches. Manucho? Excellent African Nations Cup leads to loan moves here and there...and Hull.. And then offski. I'm just always worried that if I haven't heard of them..that they cant be that good.

However, you will never find me criticizing the managers transfer policy. Personally I agree there is little value in the market, but I disagree that every United signing must be young and cheap enough so we can possibly 'do a Ronaldo with them' in 6 years time. For every Cantona signing that Fergie has made, there is a Djemba Djemba. For every Ronaldo theres a Kleberson. But generally the boss gets it RIGHT. He forms squads that have both purpose and versatility..and I think that is the balance he is trying to create with this 'tweaking' of a signing.

As ever Mr Bebe will be given a fair crack of the whip from the Faithful. His Youtube video looks interesting, if not wholly exciting, and he does appear to play in that position many of us thought we have been lacking in. £7 million is NOT a cheap transfer fee, but we all know that if the lad becomes a success that it will be a drop in the ocean.

And lets face it...with a name like Bebe (Baby) then theres gonna be a multitude of dodgy cover version chants coming from the Stretford End soon enough!

Hit me Bebe one more time. Glory glory.


  1. Ozil wasn't available at 8-12 million as you said. Madrid's 12m bid was rejected by Werder a week ago.

  2. This is a strange one.

    But I agree with you not questionning the gaffers transfer policy.

    At least we can say if we don't get Ozil, it was because he didn't want to come, and not because we couldn't afford him.

    And I'd not heard of Hernandez really, either. But pretty sure he wore boots when he represented his country.

    *Fingers crossed*

  3. For every Cantona there's a Djemba Djemba, for every Ronaldo there's a Kleberson...yet the boss generally gets it right?

    Actually your assertions imply that he only gets it right half of the time.

  4. Something about this signing excites the crap out of me. Perhaps because it is a totally unknown quantity but more than that because it is just a fairytale. This lad has something of the unpredictable about him. Total flair player. Great physique too and once he puts on just a little muscle, he's going to be a formidable figure. This is either going to be a masterstroke or a total flop.

  5. I also have to agree that something about this monster definitely excites me as well. If you look at his videos, he is pretty strong and just his physical presence on the pitches shouts out
    ' Watch out for me, im gona knock you out like a baby ' LOL. Joke over - i seroius think that Fergie has stumbled upon the answer of Manchester United's dilemma. The spark that was missing when Ronaldo left us. This BABY of ours may just turn this club back into the glory days that we once had experienced of back in the 90's. I honestly think that once he gets few games under his belt, i seroiusly think that we may be sitting on the golden ticket that will guide us to those brilliant years of wining back to back titles again, as if we arent doing it already but maybe this time we may just beat Barcelona in the champions league instead of being on the receiving end of it.

    " Welcome to Manchester BEBE "

  6. Why not be positive as the author of the post points out we might have hit Gold.
    As has been recorded Hernandez.
    Dont dismiss Diouf quite yet its early days and is off the mark for Blackburn.
    I think with all the younger players that Sir Alex is assembling it's for the future.
    Not his future I hasten to add.
    I truely do believe he is grooming a whole range of young players for his successor.
    To blend them and get them in the United way.
    Its not a question of money or lack of it, its simply the great man doing the spadework for the future.
    Rome was not built in a day.
    Anyone for a bit of forward thinking!
    We do like to assist the under priveleged at United though.
    I will be outside Old trafford later this evening with my Can to drop a few pence in.
    To help build a fund to get the Glazer out.
    Cmon United.Lets put the Toon to the Sword.

  7. I never ever heard of Chicharito but he turned out to be so good. I will not make a judgement on him until the his debut for united.