Monday, 17 May 2010

Triesman reveals the real English Disease - Is it YOUR fault?

So after having my mind well and truly away from the football universe now all things United have shut up shop for the season, I inexplicably missed the initial breaking news that Lord Triesman had displayed 'Old Fools Syndrome' and put England's 2018 bid at risk from a sporting version of Foot and Mouth disease.

Treisman's comments are clearly inflammable, and without any concrete foundations. But there he the company of a beautiful former aide (who claims to have had..ahem..'relations' with the old boy) and he's bragging about the size of his football involvement...

'I'll chuck in a bit of bribery here, a bit of John Terry dirt there...she'll love a bit of IT!'

Yet another stupendous peer who thinks he flies well ABOVE the radar..somewhere up in the stratosphere.

As foolish as Lord Triesman has been and as loose as his tongue has acted, the bigger story to come out of this is our country's filthy addiction to the bile that our newspapers can scoop up and feed us. The fact that this case has come about because of pure entrapment and the fact that some slag has tried to further herself both financially and publicly, gives you a snapshot of what truly is the English Disease in modern day Britain. Not hooliganism. Not party boy footballers. But your everyday man and woman, that buys these tabloid rags and supports this ecosystem of destruction.

How can a major national news (and i use that word very lightly) paper attempt to destroy England's bid for the biggest footballing honour a nation can have just to sell a few extra copies? It wouldn't happen in other countries. You wouldn't see the Spanish printing information about the English that would scupper their bid. The Russains wouldn't allow their journalists to embarrass them with trash allegations that would make the world think their country is basically RUBBISH!

What makes a nation have so little respect for itself?

This is, and has been, a major problem for us all in England for as long as i can remember. A nation always content with second place and never quite believing that first was possible. I remember the day clearly when London got the Olympics. It was more of a feeling of "Excuse me old boy, are you sure that the Olympic committee has chosen dear old Blighty?" than "We are the best so stuff the rest of ya's!" And then people complain when us United fans have more allegiance to our team than we do with the national set up..Its bull like this that just turns you off.

I believe that people should stop buying these papers and turn them into dinosaurs. They contribute to a popular English myth that we are ALL a nation of filthmongers who feed off scandal and gossip of the most dirty order. I hate to believe that England's inhabitants are nothing more than a walking, talking tripe episode of Eastenders..all sensationalism and zero substance..Soap Opera culture, so to speak. Stories like this tarnish what the world thinks of us and leaves us as a globally social pariah. Is that what we want? Are The Sun, Mirror and Mail the commentators for our generation?.. telling the world that the English actually 'hate England!' If you are one of those that buys the tabloids 'for the sport section' then you need to stop today. You have the Internet now and there is no excuse for this as their was 10 years ago. Stop being apart of this problem and put these rags of hate back in their place.

There are good newspapers out there...go find them...



  1. Home Rule for England18 May 2010 at 19:09

    Simple answwer to the DM. BOYCOTT!!

  2. It is the BRITISH media that is rubbishing England. In my opinion so that England can be consumed into a greater Britain and our heritage and country obliterated. I am not a football fan but have noticed continually how England is rubbished either overtly or covertly. Have you noticed how often when some unpleasant behaviour is reported reporters choose to be photographed with an England flag in the background? More recently the reports of the attitude of Scots to the Mars bars wrappers. We hear that some consider it an insult to Scotland. If anyone English had ever objected to the Scottish flag, and I have seen a whole display of meat in ASDA's in Bedfordshire decorated with the saltire, we would have been called xenophobes and racists.