Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Solitary Reason Why Fergie Will Buy This Summer

It is a fair point to highlight that United are in a gazillion pounds worth of debt. It is also fair to point out that the Glazers will suck as many pennies from the club as they can, as English football franchise (gulp!) owners. But one thing is true. They will know that if they don't have some sort of transfer it only the £20 million a season that was promised to Fergie when they bought up all the shares, that the club could fall behind the others and it would damage their investment.

Last night we saw the reason why Manchester United will buy this summer. As 'the most important game of the season' was being played at Eastlands between one filthy rich club and the filthiest richest club in the universe, Sir Alex's eyes would almost definitely be glancing away from Sky Sports 2 and on another channel.

The virtuoso performance of the boy Cristiano for his new employers that we flogged him to was not only breath taking, but sort of proves a few thousand points as well. The most important of them being that if you lose such a precocious talent..a player of such outstanding are gonna feel it..and eventually you have to do something about that.

Sir Alex has been known to bide his time when one of his talisman leaves. He understands the problem..with one which you cannot replace, you need time and planning to adapt and rebuild. Cantona was irreplaceable. So he didn't try to. He adapted the team instead. Schmeichel was irreplaceable. So he didn't try and buy a clone but looked at different options as a whole. No one could cross a ball like Beckham, so he didn't try and find a player that maybe could. Fergie never tries to replace the very very very best with what others would consider the next best thing.

However, since the departure of Ronaldo now very nearly a year ago, it is evident that despite the heroics of Rooney, and the encouraging form of 'supposed' replacement Valencia, that United have lost a serious piece of artillery. Watching Ron score his hatrick last night, which represented his 23, 24 and 25th goals of an injury hit La Liga season, you just swooned at his ability and the grace he gives a football team. The man is like a radioactive nuclear bomb to an opponent. At £80 million he is looking like one hell of a bargain. It sort of made my stomach turn watching him yesterday, and sad that I used to witness him do that in the flesh from my vantage at Old Trafford every week. You don't know what you've got til its gone someone once sang. I think it was the very first time that I actually missed the ol' winker.

So with rumours abound that David Silva has said a move to United would be incredibly tempting and that the Premier League is the best in the world, it feels that its time Fergie got the chequebook out. £30 million was earmarked for Benzema last year, so I expect that the Glazers wont have a problem forking out that if Fergie clicks his fingers for a deal on the silky Spaniard. We must not forget that Chicharito and Smalling have already been added to the squad, so if we presume that the club doesn't sell anyone this year (though that is yet to be proved) then a marquee player like Silva would be a fantastic acquisition. There's still the risk that Nemanja Vidic may get tempted to a place where it does not rain as much, and also if someone comes in with a half decent bid for Berbatov he may well go, but other than them I cant see any outgoings of major concern.

The manager is the master of the rebuild. He has all the old blurprints stashed away in that locked draw in his office, that he has used before. Win or lose the title this Sunday is irrespective too the point. And that point is that if Fergie even just watched five minutes of Ronaldo yesterday, he will casting out his net for one of football's bigger fishes sometime very soon.



  1. Hope the reports in the Spanish papers claiming the deal for Silva (£28m) are credible. Although I wouldn't want Macheda going on loan for a year, Fabio could do with some playing time.

  2. no thanks.
    i'd rather go WITHOUT any new signings than use the £75m credit card facility.
    the sooner we crash & burn due to lack of investment, or get bought out, the better in my eyes.
    and please don't reply with "boo-hoo the team is suffering", it's been suffering since the glazers took over and will continue to do while they're here, regardless of the spin coming out of OT and things like the (idiot appeasing) Price Freeze.

  3. Irrelevant of what Ronaldo is doing and that is passing by the fact that Fergie needed to see him play now to realise what he sold, we need investments. Valencia was not brought in to score but to be a proper winger, Berba's underwhelming performances have aggravated the issue. A creative center mid like Silva is just what we need! We have after Ronaldo's departure been able to spread the goals among the midfield a little more. I would rather that than depending on one-two players!

  4. The team hasn't been suffering since they took over, we in fact have won 4 titles after they came! Not saying I support the Glazers, but cash crunch will not stop investments, to stop is to move backwards, which hurts the profile and standing of the club, which would in the end hurt the Glazers.

  5. We can't compare David Silva (who btw is a remarkable player) I mean the type of player that he is, with the type of player Ronaldo is. Silva won't score a lot of goals, he has other qualities and usually plays as a winger, and we got those: Nani and Valencia, and keep in mind that the first has grown a lot and the second is only in his first season at the club. So in my opinion, we need to buy a quality striker, because we have enough midfielders. We saw what happened when Rooney got injured, we need a strong and talented striker who can play alongside Rooney or replace him successfully when he's out. I'm thinking of players like Benzema (if he doesn't what to join United, I say let him stay in Madrid), Dzeko, Huntelaar or David Villa (could be a lit bit pricey). One last thing, we should keep Macheda in the squad for next season, he's very talented and he needs to develop into a solid player and he has proved that he can cope with the pressure at a big club such as United.

  6. I think we need two players at least, a striker and a creative midfielder. Carrick who is meant to be the central provider is useless, he has got two assists this season. Im sure you would agree that if that was the employee of any other job there would be serious questions asked. Berbatov likes to be the neucleaus of a team and he is not that at Man u. I feel both these players need to go. I think Silva will be a good player but would have to adapt to the centre. Regards to a striker Pato is the only one for me, i doubt that we would get him though. Pato is like rooney but loves getting on loose balls, I feel they would complement each other well.
    Of course we can only dream.

    If we only sign one this year it has to be a creative midfielder. has to be.

  7. Personally I would welcome the acquisition of Silva, although I want to see a new striker to partner Rooney as well, and may be someone to lead the midfield as well as Scholes' time is nearly up, and y not loan/sell some of the players who have not impressed...