Thursday, 6 August 2009

"Liverpool had probably their best season for 20 years and still finished four points adrift. It will be hard for them to match last season"

Most of you just don't get it do you!!

That statement is of course directed at all of those who are reacting to the words of Sir Alex Ferguson this week. All of those supposed intelligent people in the press and media who react to every statement that comes out of the Govern Gob. And all of those Liverpool fans who are "disgusted" by our managers comments, squealing about hypocrisy.


You idiots!!! Have you not worked out by now that the old dog of war has done this every season since the dawn of time? Have you not worked out that Ferguson has beaten teams and their spineless managers, before a ball is even kicked? The man must look at his big red face in the mirror and see a verbal Adonis! Here is what he said in a nutshell:
  • Liverpool attained alot of points last year and they will struggle to match that.

  • Teams will know how to play them better this year.

  • Feels Chelsea are the main threat.

  • Milan were unlucky to lose to Liverpool in the 2005 Champions League final, in reference to the way Carlo Ancelotti's teams play.

I listened to Talksport last night while i cooked. The managers comments had been dissected and translated into these words:

  • Liverpool are not good enough to win the league.

  • Liverpool were lucky to win the Champions League in 2005.

  • He has done the same as Rafa did during "that rant" last season.

  • He is running scared of Liverpool.

As they seem to say in Internet speak these days.....OMG!

Firstly, Liverpool have an excellent team. They are steeped in a history that they have earned on the pitch. Their win against Milan was spectacular in 2005. The boss knows that Liverpool are a threat to our trophy pursuits in every competition.

AND HE KNOWS THAT YOU ALL KNOW ALL OF THIS AS WELL! So the point is...why should he then reflect any of that in public?

Secondly, why do any Liverpool fans care what Sir Alex has to say about 2005? He quoted that he felt Milan were unlucky. This does not equate to him thinking that Liverpool were lucky. (I see this as the same as the cricket muppets that now cry about Ricky Ponting being booed by a handful of fans, making it out that it is the height of disrespect, like they were throwing knives at him as he walked out to bat.) Paranoia can be an entertaining thing. Both these Liverpool fans and Cricket toffs seem to carry some huge chip on their hunched shoulders..who says class divides people!

Thirdly, these new comments are not the same as Rafa's rant last season. Rafa's were foolish and mis-timed. Who knows for real how many points it cost the Scouse. But the fact that they dropped points the next game and lost form may indicate that either a massive coincidence had occurred, or that Benitez made a huge cock-up. I think the latter.

I do not think Rafa will open his mouth about United soon...which allows Ferguson a bit of breathing space to provoke. Timing his comments with the loss of Alonso, allows the "alleged" hub cap stealers to get all excited....."How dare he!!!" they proclaim. "He's running scared" they shout. Fools one and all.

I think that if the world has not cottoned on to any of this by now then the boss should just carry on. If they have not learned that "doing a Keegan" and getting vexed by a bit of the old mind games does their team absolutely no favours, then follow that current script in your grubby paws.

I for one hope it does not stop anytime soon.

Oh by the way! Liverpool were lucky in 2005, Steven Gerrard is a violent Scouse thug and Fernando Torres is Jamie Carragher's manwife.

Do I really believe all of this? It's up to your adrenaline glands to interject with your brains to decide. Bring on the new season!

One of these has a very red face. The other is Fred the Red

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