Sunday, 9 August 2009

Community service - A Wembley snapshot

This is a reaction blog post to another is a reaction to my own last post! (about technology)

So we lose a penalty shoot out to Chelsea in the Charity Community Sky Dish shaped Cup. Oh Well. No real problem there. But of course there should never have been penalties, as United scored 2 good goals and Chelsea scored 1.

Now, like the Murphys, I'm not bitter. The result is not important. But as i settle into the second hour of my life listening to the feedback on the game, which is filled with only one thing...a referee's mistake.

Was it a foul or was advantage played correctly? It does not matter. Because as Evra had been elbowed in the face the referee is BOUND BY LAW to stop the game for treatment. That is the rule.

Should a Video Referee be allowed to support the officials on the pitch and call for the Ref to stop play? It is a dumb question. Until it is addressed, our game will be riddled with this sort of crap, and Jamie Redknapp will become obese, feeding off the scraps of fat that these decisions on the pitch give him. I'm sure i would be able to do a piece on this every week of the Premier League season, as 50% of Match of the Day is 'Cliche Hansen' and 'Lawro the Fop' talking about referees. Its dull.

On matters that do have substance, United played well I thought. Positively, Berba and Rooney looked comfortable together both pushed high up the pitch. That is something that we craved last season to see, but never really did. Two up top in tandem is the way forward with this squad. Nani did more clever stuff than idiotic headless chicken running. Lets hope his shoulder has not popped. Park was busy as ever, and Fletch and Carrick looked excellent as a pairing (but all please still say a prayer for Mr Hargreaves)

Defensively we were...OK. The first Chelsea goal was a bit poor but that happens in these games. The second goal I think Chelsea took well, inspite of play not being correctly hauled back (that is not their fault!) Ben Foster's kicking has gone AWOL. It is well known to the United brains, that Fosters history of being an outfield player in his youth (and a good one at that) has given him the edge when what the hell has happened to him I do not know. He did however, make a fine save from Drogba in the second half, but did not look like he was going to get anywhere near those pens. If he has distribution problems at the moment, then the manager should draft in Tomas for the first game.

But lots of positives me thinks. I'm looking forward to Birmingham next Sunday. We have good options in almost every position..even young Fabio did well for the minutes he was on the Wembley turf, and the old man Giggsy...great vision and control for Roo's 92nd minute equalizer.
For a footballing pessimist, i feel rather happy and hopeful going into the new season. can keep that Chelsea.

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