Monday 6 September 2010

The Rompings of Rooney!.....why do we care?

So the 'revelations', which most of us knew back in April, have finally been splurged out by the gutter press for their rabid circulation to devour and choke upon in a glutinous feeding frenzy.

Yes, Wayne Rooney has been with a lady of the night (allegedly COUGH)

This of course makes him a very very bad man in many peoples eyes..because it has never ever been known that a man 'hire' a woman to take part in his own fantasy bed Olympics, and it has never ever happened to any other footballer in the history of the world...


Wazza has been a proper fool...yes. We are ALL agreed on that. Wayne will get a proper roasting from his wife, family and Sir Alex (not necessarily in that order) And one day he will have to look his son in the eye and say "I cheated on your Mother while she was carrying you in her womb".....none of it makes pretty reading does it?

But as far as United fans are concerned: 'How and why do we actually care about this?'

Now I used to buy the Red Tops when I was a teenager. A bit of slap and tickle, some decent sports coverage and the odd story about aliens, cats up trees, blah blah blah. It was 'daily light entertainment' Then somewhere in the 90s it became celebrity obsessed. First Princess Diana, then Michael Jackson, then all the politicians, and somewhere along the line a 'hotel roasting' by some footballers made it as good copy for headlines.

Then I stopped buying those papers.

With footballers private lives...I get why people are interested. These guys are this generations' film stars...dripping in diamonds and bling. Whereas I had four TV channels, posters on my wall and attending matches for my football fix as a kid, today they have 24 hr access to these superstars via Twitter, Facebook, Google, Sky TV and the rest. Saturation has been met. A huge part of the population actually believe they have some 'connection' with these people...and therefore they....'care'

This is where the murky line starts to provoke me.

I'm not particularly old skool. I'm technology savvy. I have an uber smartphone. I write a blog. But it will always deeply confuse me that despite the way the celebrity world works why Joe Bloggs in the street thinks that he and his wife and their kids and their next door neighbours need worry about who Wayne Rooney is doing the fandango with.

Many will say "but I'm interested cos he plays for my club..its my right to be interested!' To that I say OK..but what actually makes a generation of people sit up and judge a man that they really do not know? Quasi-morals? Yes. Bloody mindedness? More likely. Gossip mongering? Absolutely.

Others will say "But we ALL took an interest when JT and Cashley went on the scandal carousel..Roo deserves everything he gets!" Once again there is credence in this. But nothing is black or white is it?? Mr John Terry did actually have an affair with the (former yes) girlfriend of an England team mate. That makes it a football matter in my honest opinion. Whereas Rooney's situation at this present time appears only to be a private and family matter. Is that inter-club bias? I wont say no to that. But for me there is a line in the sand between the two episodes.

I'm not gonna defend Rooney. The boy is an idiot. But as a football fan first, and someone that despises all that celebrity nonsense, I have no actual interest in the Rooney story. Its away from United. His private life does NOT belong to us. You learn facts like these as you grow up and mature. Id have once gobbled this whole story up as a teen! It would have torn my yet undeveloped moral fibre to pieces! I would have been pontificating to whoever would listen about how he had shamed the badge. But the truth is if it doesn't hurt his form...then I really couldn't give a toss.

Every man and woman has to answer their own demons eventually...and I say that in a 100% non religious way. What goes around comes around. Sometimes we are good, and other times we shame ourselves. This is the place where Rooney is now. The last thing he needs is us to judge him as well..a bloke we will never know. I'm sure he is doing all of that himself. A multi millionaire he may be. But forgiveness is not something you can buy. And neither is redemption.

I for one have nothing to forgive Wayne Rooney for. So I will cheer the boy on at Goodison next weekend. Our opponents will be (rightfully) throwing ten tonnes of stick at the lad in the coming weeks. We've got to be partisan and chuck it right back.

One United


  1. you can't write off the adverse effects and unavoidable consequences he has to suffer for the rest of his career due to this idiotic and shameful gesture. it's disgrace to the club's stature and pride, the one SAF values the most. don't you think he'll be at the receiving end of all the boos and abuses wherever he goes. we all know how vulnerable he is to this kind of gestures from fans (his merseyside records say it all). no matter however you look at, this will have a bad effect on his illustrious career. no need to compare him to the likes of Best, Romario and Maradona as they weren't vulnerable to boos and rants like him.

  2. The papers are worse.. Couldn't they have held off until after Tuesdays game?

    I'll be honest i'm not the biggest England fan, my club means far more to me, but you have to question their timing.

    Nothing like backing your team to win eh guys...

  3. Really like the post, suggest one area that you could also add to/consider is what you reminded me of with why you read the red tabs in the first place. Lets not forget the role model aspect, I know, Rooney is there to 1. play football and therefore role model is not why he is involved mainly. BUT it does drive me insane when the consequences do have potentially far reaching affects towards the kids that view the 'idiot' as their idol. Thats's not something that any player should be held totally responsible for, but let's not forget that other group that now won't know what to think of him due to his actions that he always will be responsible for. Idiot yes and a bloody great shame too. Why oh why fall for such temptation but alas, hindsight is a wonderful thing right now.