Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I Hope Wayne Rooney Sticks It Up All Of YOU!

The script was written before even a ball was kicked.

Young Mister Rooney got his mandatory dodgy injury towards the back end of the season with his ankle going pop, gets dragged through to the summer carrying knocks galore after a hard year, and then arrives at a World Cup already completely jaded, along with his other numpty England internationals.

It was always going to be a horror show in my eyes.

The criticism levelled at Wayne Rooney in many ways has been largely deserved. When you put yourself up there, you are there to be shot at. And in England we love nothing more than to decimate the reputations of people and players that only last week we were lauding. Rooney looked lackluster in the four England games..half the player he is in the Red shirt. Why this is is not clear. Whatever effected Roo obviously was a collective problem. A Lampard that scores goals for fun for his club looked lost. Gerrard showed bits of quality, only to get continually pulled out of position at vital times through a lack of discipline. And the rest just laboured along.

It was rubbish and so typically English.

Some of the stuff thrown at Rooney in the post mortem of the World Cup has been vile and disgusting. Yes the lad opened his gob to a camera in anger and said something he shouldn't. But now he is being used as the symbol and embodiment of England's failure, when only three weeks ago the filth rags of the British tabloids were quoting that it was possible that Roo could walk on water in the cause of World Cup glory. Anyone with half a brain never believes the so called flagwavers tale that England can face adversity a la the 'two world wars' and turn that into a Dunkirk spirit success on a strip of grass in Africa. Yet the hysteria that has followed just goes to show how many England fans do indeed have LESS than half a brain!

The United die-hard in me really would love Rooney to just pack England in now. Gossip sites have said that Ashley Morality Cole has had texts intercepted that say he hates playing for England....and for once I can see why that mindset exists. United players have always had it hard playing for England. Butt, Scholes and the Nevilles would have their touches booed by the so called Three Lions fans whilst representing their country. David Beckham had effigies burned of him post the 1998 World Cup. And now we have Wazza.

England supporters want to destroy Rooney because he didn't produce what they wanted...and that was winning the World Cup all on his own. And why did they think this? Because The Sun told them that it was possible. Because The Mirror said it was possible. Because The Star said it was possible. England DO have good players, but as a team we KNOW they are not that good. And why? Because they haven't proved it for years. We talk about our success at Italia 90...yes we got to a semi final but the truth was that England were uninspiring during that run, hardly knew where the back of the net was, and without Gary Lineker would have been going home a lot earlier...but we've convinced ourself that we were great in 1990 and that is how the English history books will tell the tale for the rest of football time.

So I say to you England fans...stick Darren Bent in your England team..or Carlton Cole..or Bobby Zamora. And if you think Emile Heskey had so much more of a greater World Cup than Roo then stick with him...BUILD YOUR TEAM AROUND HIM! My opinion now is you do not deserve Rooney battling for the country in years to come. Stick with your Crouch-a-likes instead.

I wont be supporting England in the near future..I've had enough of it. I cant align myself with a set of fans that destroy their team when they've had a few bad games..no matter how big thoses games were. Did you all see how the Argentines welcomed back their team? They took an even bigger beating than us at the hands of Germany, yet their fans turned up in their thousands to welcome back the players and staff, and to let them know that despite the disappointment and adversity that they were all still ONE.

Would we ever see that in England??


So I hope Wayne comes to your ground sometime soon in our Red...and shows you exactly what he is all about.

It is all you deserve.



  1. Brilliant read on the subject of Wayne, anti United English "fans" and how we all hope Wayne will only be more motivated and inspired to repay their lack of faith and support.
    Bring on the new season.

  2. I like to see Wayne withdraw from international football, like Scholes.

  3. You said it like it is and I am so happy that someone agrees with me, I am a south african and the only team I have ever supported is Man U since the age of 8, this world cup I really wanted my own country to make it to at least the second round but even though they did not I still wear the t-shirt with pride because I am proud of them, I wanted so much for england to take this world cup in my home country but it was not to be and I cried when they lost though I never once thought of bad mouthing them just because they lost, people call themselves supporters and fans but it seems they only there for the good times and all the wins and never there when things take a turn buts it ok because there are hand full of true supporters who deserve to be called just that and desrve to wear the t-shirt of the team they support with pride.........VIVA BAFANA BAFANA ........VIVA MAN U.....AWETU ROOOOOONEEEEY.........AMANDLA FERGIE.........My Name is Melleney and I am from Lenasia South in South Africa

  4. anonymous, you should probably read this mate