Monday, 26 April 2010

United season a failure? Not in my eyes..and here is why

For many...this season will be viewed as a failure. That's if of course Chelsea follow the script and skip their ways as they should through their next two games. Ronaldoless. Tevezless. Trophyless. (nobody mention the League Cup cos it makes me angry people think that's a 'major' competition)

But lets look at some facts:

United have taken City to task on no less than three occasions this season, beating them in what can only be described as 'dramatic circumstances' with last kicks of balls etc etc

United have beaten and mauled both Arsenal and AC Milan this season in their own back yards

We got to the last 8 in Europe and KNOW that we should have progressed further

Nani and Valencia have proven they both have massive futures at the club

Darren Fletcher is now a world class midfielder..detractors you may well mock!

The youngsters have got another good solid year under their belts..Evans, Gibson, Rafael et al

Rooney has been one of the top three footballers in the world this year..and is now the PFA footballer of the year..the fourth time in a row that its gone to a United player (worth noting as well that we had 4 of the 11 players in the team of the year..better than anyone else)

..and at least we have pushed for the title ALL of the way..which is more to be said than Arsenal, Liverpool and the rest.

There was always a massive danger that we wouldn't win the title this year. Four in a row has never ever happened. It would be unprecedented. But the truth is that had the squad that got to last years Champions League final still been in place we would have won the title in March..and be in yet another European final. As Benitez would say...That's a fact! But things change. Players come and go..and you have to accept all of this, suck it up and just flipping get on with it.

Assessing this season, there's been more highs than lows (as you would expect) but with a squad ravaged with injury and two or three players well below what you would expect of them, well it was always going to be a Herculean struggle to win anything. Seven league defeats show how stretched life has been at Old Trafford this year. Fergie has already added a new defender and striker ready for next year, but you cant help but think there will be a couple more at least.

I was desolate after the Blackburn game. I witnessed the Bayern fiasco unfold and I could just see the hinges unspring. I watched Chelsea come to our back yard and mug us and I knew the title was like water slipping through our fingers and over our palms. I vexed about Berbatov. About Carrick. And others...

But ultimately.....I'm happy with this season!

I never expect United to win anything. It gives me a freedom to support my team devoid of arrogance. I knew this year would be hard. I even thought Champions League qualification was going to be difficult. So to get to this junction on target for 85 points does not upset me too much. Its worth noting that Chelsea got 83 last season and that they are only on their way to getting 86 this not a massive difference since we lost £110 million of football talent last it?

If only the last couple of minutes in Germany had been slightly Olic goal denied and a twisted ankle prevented..this year could well have been one of our greatest ever..but them the breaks! There is alot to look forward to once the World Cup circus is over and done with, and we pack our bags ready for pre season in the USA. If the inevitable happens, I will applaud Chelsea. I don't hate them like I do Liverpool and City. They play solid football and have excellent players. They will have deserved their day. But we will be back..and that is because we'll never die. The red blood courses through our veins and we will return..breaking down the football door as ever in 2011.

The Faithful will rule once again. And title 19 will be ours.



  1. Ok nice and positive but top of your list... beating City. Great moments in a season for sure but an indicator of success? I really hope not otherwise we've become them. Bitter and consumed by beating local rivals rather than winning trophies.

    Here's to Liverpool pulling off a miracle next Sunday, the Red Knights shipping out the Glazers and Fergie thinking hard about how to challenge for the biggest prizes again next season.

  2. well that isnt actually in any order in my head..hence why its not numbered..but the fact that city are the richest team in the universe and we lost two of our best players..yet still beat them..thats worth a mention.

  3. I agree that beating city, though a highlight is no indicator of success! Guess most United fans would take our position now, considering the fears after Ronaldo and Tevez left. The champion's league exit was more to do with a silly decision by a single player than bad performances over all. We have pulled through thanks to our squad mentality and rotation. Next season will be interesting both with respect to what we do with player coming in or leaving and that some of the other teams like City, Spurs and Villa may make more investments, definitely making winning the league a lot tougher.

  4. love it, true and to the point. Lets hope for the best next weekend.

  5. You could of ended with:
    United never say it's over - even when it is.

    The main reason that Manchester United and Chelsea ( as hard as it may be to admit..) are always in the driving seat thorough most of the league is because they have the determination and spirit that no one else has. We don't care who we may help, or who we won't - as long as our team play the fighting spirit till the end and beyond - we will win. So if Chelsea do pull of a miracle and win - they just gotta know that we are right behind them - and that's enough to make anybody trip up.

    Come on ... *gulps* liverpool. Pull it off - a draw at least?!

  6. Don't forget about the Emir of Qatar!! that light sweet crude spot price.

  7. Inspiring.

    But we're kinda suppose to be champions. And second best feels like a loss. Come on you scousers!

  8. hmm...wasnt aware the season was over...