Tuesday, 9 March 2010

We owe you AC Milan...the motivation of revenge.

Tomorrow i will get to the ground nice and early...I like to on Champions League nights. I love to soak up the atmosphere, maybe mingle with some of the opposition fans (God how things have changed) and generally feel the LOVE.

Luckily in the last few years, we have been almost impervious at Old Trafford. We've had some magnificent nights, turning over many a big team. However, over the last four years there have been three teams that we 'owe' (for different reasons)...and I mean in the sense that there is a score to settle.

The first team is Liverpool. They've done us three times in a row now..but more than that, they put four past us at OT last season. It is the only time in 25 years of Manchester United support that Ive left the ground early..as Dossena buried us. It was a totally heartbreaking football scenario, with Steven Gerrard kissing that bloody camera down below where i sit. Its only a matter of days before we get the chance to settle that score. It cant come quick enough for me.

The second team we owe is Barcelona. Its a bit of 'tit for tat' really. We knocked them out in the semi's two years ago..and then they owed us!!! And they got their revenge last year, by making our glorious team look like a bunch of part-timers, as they grabbed our European Cup from our very own hands. It was a bit of an embarrassing night for one and all.

And the third team?

That be AC Milan

They battered us into submission in the San Siro semi final of not-so-long-ago. It was a humbling experience. Just as we thought we were the best team in Europe again, that Ronaldo was the best player in the world, we were put firmly in our place. Yes we had injuries that night, but these things get burned into my consciousness. Luckily, it only took another 12 months to prove both those points mentioned.

So revenge plays a big part in football. It gives matches an edge. It takes the realms of a normal game, and puts a few extra heartbeats a minute into the whole situation. I remember feeling physically sick as Kaka waltzed round our defense at Old Trafford..and even though we came back and won that leg, it still sticks with me. Football fans are not very good at forgetting. I'm no different. Watching us stuff Milan in the San Siro a few weeks ago has helped exorcise alot of demons, but i crave to be there, in my seat, cheering the boys on to a slaying of Milan. I want to witness it with MY EYES.

The late goal that Milan got has sweetened the tie up. It will be a very close run thing, i think. It now looks like Rooney will be fit which is so very important. And Ferdinand and Vidic together. It could be a goal-fest if an early one goes in! I never look further than the 90 minutes ahead, but this match is about US..its about us being professional and for us to go out and win the game...not defend a lead cos we are rubbish at that!

As a side note, it will be good to see David Beckham at the Theatre again. He will be applauded. The boy gave everything for the shirt when he played for us. He is still a United fan and we will acknowledge that....just as long as he doesn't slam in a free kick into the back of the onion bag from thirty yards...right in-front of the Stretford End! My lord that would be impossible to swallow.

So c'mon lads! Its the big nights WE LOVE!! Lets give Milan what we owe them...and stride on to the last eight.


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