Sunday, 31 January 2010

Nani Reborn! ..As United Hit Top Gear And Destroy Arsenal

Just Wow! wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

When i saw the team-sheet i was totally underwhelmed. Nanis had a good couple of games, but Park? Roo again isolated up top?? urgh!

What we witnessed today in 90 glorious orgasmic minutes was the Manchester United we all love, demanding its favourite table in its favourite know..the one with the panoramic view of the Premier League trophy. Champions bring it when they need to. Up to now we have somehow stayed in the top three with stumbling performances and a fairly dodgy set of results. But today we saw United in top freakin' gear. Pace, power, a trick here and there, and most importantly brimming with confidence.

I wrote before the City game in midweek that this was the most important double header of the season so far. And United have timed their increase in form absolutely perfectly. These were real must win games. One of them was about pride and respect. The other was about sticking the knife in for the pursuit of the title. And we've done it with more than a little bit of style.

Which leads me on to Nani.

What they are now feeding the boy at Carrington is beyond me. He has gone from 'totally not' too 'totally hot' An absolute amazing transformation. At Old Trafford the most excruciating sight has been Nani trying to throw seven tricks to outwit a defender, only to fall over his own feet and lie there sulking in the glare of The Faithful. Honestly, we just wanted him gone. Absolute liability. But that's why we do not pick the team. Sir Alex has transformed him, and is now helping him realise his potential. But lets not go all mad! He has had three brilliant games. lets just reserve judgement and let him go with it. We could be wanting to bin him again by the time we all travel out to Milan!

The formation is one that has never really tickled me, but it really looks like 4-5-1 is now United's bombastic formation. Flood the midfield and play counter attack. I really thought today's team couldn't execute that so convincingly but they soooo did. Even Park proved his worth. He has become a big game player. He shines when the pressure is on. The three central midfielders were also awesome today, especially Michael Carrick. The Geordie boy has kicked and screamed his way back to form after a difficult few months since the Champions League final mess. He has looked totally a shadow of his former self. But today he bossed things quietly and confidently in the centre. The biggest compliment you can give him is he influenced the game twice as much as Cesc Fabregas, who cut a frustrated figure today. A bus ticket to Barcelona may just be that bit closer after today for the Spaniard.

I'm still not totally comfortable with Brown and Evans as a pair, but they are more than capable deputies. They were never troubled by the centre forwards today..mainly cos Arsenal didn't have any! They did their jobs, and we really should have given Edwin Van Der Sar his 100th clean sheet for the Red Devils. I also want to mention Rafael, who bravely played at right back today. He is a rough diamond. Nowhere near the finished article. But for me he is first choice now. He will only get better. I'm convinced he will give us exactly what Evra gives us on the opposite side, sooner rather than later. He is an awesome prospect, as is his twin brother.

So this Sunday is a beautiful day for us United fans. Infected by the fight against the Glazers, its a fantastic shot of adrenalin we all need. The Glazer trouble wont be sorted out over night. But as long as Sir Alex and the team give us stellar performances like that we wont be having to complain about anything going on on the pitch

Glory glory Man United. The title race starts.........NOW!



  1. That,s four good games in a row for Nani he played really well in the first half against Burnley but nobody noticed because it was Nani. The biggest difference at the moment is that Fletcher is back in the team and fit which is quite ironic because he was the Man United fans scapegoat before the winger from Portugal. It just goes to show that Fergie is allways right,keep the faith.

  2. Park... Park.. Wherever you may be..

  3. Bang on with the line 'This is the United we all know'. Exact same thought in my head, and articulated as well :)

  4. what's the story with Vidic? Did he hurt himself lifting stacks of Madrid Real Estate brochures?

  5. Nani played the way we all hoped Valencia should play. It was brilliant and I hope he can keep it up. But I want to focus on how disappointed I am in with Valencia, that pass to him in the box should of been taken with confidence and driven towards goal - instead it was a typical cross that lead to nothing. Valencia needs to play like Nani did yesterday!

  6. Rooney's 2nd half run that put Eboue on his backside was a thing to behold. A bulldog with a greyhound's speed.