Sunday, 25 October 2009

Liverpool 2 Man Utd 0 - Liverpool play for their manager's life, United have a Sunday stroll..

Well the better team won the day.

Most disappointing thing about the match for me was that we allowed them to be more aggressive than us. Rio and Vidic looked shite scared of Torres. In fact, Ferdinand's challenge on the Spaniard for the goal was both weak and pointless. Ive defended him alot recent weeks but not anymore. He has to stand up now and be counted. He is a senior player and must improve his form.

Vidic also looks way short of his best. His first yellow was never a card but the ref had no choice for the second.

The score does not flatter Liverpool's performance on the day. Their midfield engine room out worked Carrick and Scholes..we just dont look like the same side without a bit of muscle. Owen Hargreaves will walk straight back into the team if he can stay fit. Maybe Fergie was right to sit on the £80m treasure chest and see how things pan out. The ginger genius is not good enough for these huge games thinking David Silva? Modric? Players that will add that killer pass.

It appears the Scousers have the hex over us at the mo. We had no spark when going forward...i dont think we had a proper shot for 70 minutes. Roo looked like a player coming back from an injury and Berba's first touch was not as good as it can be. Only United player that can come out of the match with any credibility is Van Der Sar, who looked like a thousand Ben Fosters.

We have now let this pretty average side back into the title race, but more importantly it is an incentive to Arsenal to catch the pack. Todays performance was very much like the Champions League final against Barca...just a lack of energy and crispness. I accept that we will lose games through a season, but this performance will leave a bitter taste on the end of the tongue for a little while.

Dont you just hate football off for a good cry.



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